Sunday 31 May 2009

Tips In Buying Designer Shoes

Besides bags and purses, shoes are items that women cannot have
enough of. In fact, a woman cannot have too many pairs of shoes.
Some even have a pair in each color for every outfit. Others who
can afford to spend so much have a specific pair for every
outfit that they have. Celebrities even have one for every
outfit that they have worn on the red carpet of awards nights
and premieres.

But for people who can only afford to purchase a couple of
pairs that they will be wearing for most of the outfits in their
closets, they will have to choose pairs that are versatile and
at the same time stylish enough not to be considered out of

Below are some tips in choosing shoes that look like designer
shoes but have no designer prices.

Choose leather

Although buying real leather can be more expensive than buying
synthetic leather, the cost will be much cheaper in the long run
because leather is more long lasting. You can actually use a
pair of leather shoes for a long long time. Just make sure that
you store them properly, in areas where it will not be moistened
as real leather can become home to molds.

Choose the classic

You don't have to buy Ferragamo or Jimmy Choo to look good.
There are designs that will look just as expensive without being
really costly. Because you cannot really buy every design in the
store, just choose classic designs that will fit your wardrobe.

Choose the fit

Designer shoes may look designer on the shelves but when you
wear them, the shoes are not as great looking anymore. There are
pairs like these. This does not mean that the design is not
beautiful, the cut and the style just does not fit the structure
and form of your feet.

Remember that like body types and face shapes, there are cuts
and styles that will fit your feet. Choose the design that does
not only look classy but also the one that will make your feet
look like a million bucks.

Choose the material

Shoes need not be designer especially when you are going to
wear them in rough streets and pavements. Remember that designer
shoes may have delicate designs such as glass heels and bead
works that may not withstand a walk downtown. When buying shoes,
make sure that the material and the kind of design will fit your
lifestyle and work.

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