Saturday 23 May 2009

What You Must Know About Health and Beauty - Part II

In part 1 of "What You Must Know About Health and Beauty"
we explored how sulfates can strip the hair and scalp of
essential natural oils, creating a drying effect.

Health and beauty experts in the U.S. are calling for the
FDA to crack down on companies marketing their products as
organic or all-natural when, in fact, some natural or
organic components may be in the product but also contain
harsh and dangerous ingredients like sulfates and mercury.
We talked about how it's common for mascara products to
actually contain a potentially dangerous element - mercury.

In part 2, we discuss what health and beauty experts
recommend as truly natural tips to improve skin tone,
beautiful skin, and even reverse signs of aging.

First, health and beauty experts recommend a simple but
very useful facial massage first thing in the morning.
Start from the bottom, work up and inside out to help drain
the lymphatic system and start things moving. It
significantly supports increased circulation and drives
collagen where it needs to be by allowing fluids to flow
freely, giving a healthy glow and for years to come if done
on a regular basis.

The next tip commonly given by health and beauty experts is
to avoid the biggest mistake women make when applying too
much makeup as they get older. A noted celebrity makeup
artist also says stay away from dark lipstick shades and
don't be afraid to use a bronzer. Make sure the bronzer is
matte, then apply a light dusting to cheek bones, temples,
and the jaw line with a big fluffy brush. Lighter colors
significantly light up your face and make your lips look

Another tip, as we age, is to grow the hair with big bangs.
A noted hair stylist says bangs are the best way to hide
lines on your forehead. Dipping beneath the brow line will
actually hide a sagging brow and a sidestep bang draws
attention away from little lines by the eyes. Always
discuss with your stylist your face shape to end up the
most flattering style but be sure to include bangs.

Perhaps the major areas to work on as we age are the eyes.
A good, true all natural eye cream is a beauty must-have.
Since the cream is applied to the thin skin beneath the
eyes, it is imperative a high-quality, all natural, even
organic product be used.

Since a lot of inferior facial moisturizers contain
potentially sensitizing ingredients in high concentrations,
avoid applying them under the eye area. Absolutely make
sure the products do not contain coal-tar colors listed as
FD&C or DNC on the label. In this case, the FDA actually
prohibits their application around the eyes because they
can irritate or even harm the eyes.

In summary, health and beauty experts are working to
motivate the FDA to require cosmetic manufacturers to more
accurately brand products with regard to the real, natural,
or organic substances they contain. A little research
provides a number of tips health and beauty experts would

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