Monday 25 May 2009

Where To Find Discount Womens Perfume?

This article will reveal the secrets of buying discount womens
perfume. It should save you hundreds of dollars or thousands if
you plan to buy in bulk. So read on.

Where to find discount womens perfume?

It is easy if you know where to look for the best deals. Once
you know these secrets and with a little bit of time and effort,
you may find different discount womens perfume that goes for a
hundred dollars per ounce at a discounted price.

Also note that since you buy the perfume at a discount, it
doesn't mean it isn't any good.

Following are some of the secrets of buying discount womens

Know When to Shop

They say timing is everything. If you shop at the right times
during the year, you can find amazing discount women's perfume.
After holidays, such as Christmas, Mother's Day, and Valentine's
Day try at your local stores.

These stores should be having left-over perfumes packaged in
holiday boxes. When holidays are over, the packaging is no good.
Many stores will deeply discount womens perfume that is packaged
for the holidays.

What if the store did not advertise for a sale for perfume?

If your store does not have an advertised sale you can ask
discount for purchasing holiday leftovers. After holidays, the
buyers are the boss. You are really helping the store to get rid
of their old items in stock.

Stay on top of the newest trends in perfume

If you can stay on top of the newest trends from your favorite
perfume manufacturer, you may also stumble upon some amazing
women's perfume discounts. If you know that your favorite
perfume maker is about to introduce a new line or even a newly
shaped bottle, you can score huge discounts on the old styles.
Most stores are happy to sell the old line at a mark down to
make room for the new products they are receiving.


This is one of the simplest and greatest secret. ASK. If you
feel you cannot stay on top of the newest trends in perfume,
then do this. Ask the store clerk if they have old line of your
favorite manufacturer's brand and if they can sell it to you at
a discounted rate.

Know What to Ask For

Goto your local stores that sells perfume. Many stores sell the
test bottles when they get to be about half full. Often you can
buy your favorite fragrances at a fraction of the cost of a new

If you want to wear extremely expensive cologne but just can't
afford it, ask the cosmetics clerk to sell you the sample
bottle. You might end up paying ten dollars for an ounce of
perfume that costs one hundred dollars for a two ounce bottle.

Buy Gift Baskets Instead Of Just Buying a Bottle

Another great way to find discount women's perfume is to buy
gift baskets instead of just buying a bottle of your favorite
scent. Often you will get other cosmetics such as soaps,
lotions, powders, essential oils, or even several sizes of your
favorite perfume in one basket for a fraction of what it would
cost to buy the items all separately.

What to do with the gift items that you won't use?

Don't worry if the gift basket contains items you won't use.
Take those items that you don't need and save money by giving
them away as gifts. You can even take one gift basket and rewrap
the contents to make gifts for two different friends or family

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