Saturday 23 May 2009

Women Who Want To Be Worshiped

The 21st century woman's mindset is vastly different from those
of Victorian ladies. In the past, women place great importance
on their looks yet in present times, looks plays second fiddle
to wealth and status. A beautiful and successful woman is deemed
as the perfect prize for a man nowadays and those are the types
of women that people would love to adore and worship. It
challenges the common knowledge that pretty faces are just
bimbos that know nothing but their perfume brands. Yet, these
women, both beautiful and successful can be pretty tough on men
as they seek respect from men especially those that are under
them in the social ladder.

To worship is to make the lady equivalent to an object of
adoring reverence or regard. However, what are the types of
girls that want to feel like a goddess? No doubt in today's
world, every woman can resort to plastic surgery to deal with
the beauty problem, but what they cannot change is the substance
that determines their intelligence. However, we cannot deny the
place of beauty in our modern world. Beauty is not just admired
by men but also but women alike. Flip through any magazine today
and you would surely be able to find pages upon pages of
attractive women in various poses. The media has glamorized
beauty into such an extent that it seems to be conveying the
message that if a person is not beautiful, he or she is not yet

Obviously these new `breed' of women with brains and brawn,
would not publicly announce their craving for attention and
their want to be idolized. Yet, the immense amounts of media
attention and exposure that they receive explain it all. One
great example is Paris Hilton. Nothing is able to draw the
paparazzi from wanting to capture her in their camera lenses. An
infamous sex tape, hosting a television series, appearing in
numerous glamorous events, and the list of her appearances on
the media are countless. Yet, the attention on her is not ending
anytime soon. Even till now, she is America's number one model
for teenage girls and bear in mind, behind that beautiful face
and body, lays a hotel heiress who has yet to inherit her share
of the hotel industry. Beauty, fame and success, what more can a
man ask from a woman, and Paris Hilton has them all.

Successful women often want to show others that they are not
just the average girl-next-door type of girl. With a history of
being under man's thumb, women nowadays want to prove that they
are no longer like their predecessors, slaves to their husbands.
Rather, woman with increasing amount of rights issued to them,
the era is slowly changing into one where women are capable of
earning their own income and are not reliant on men to provide
for them

Women who seek to be worshipped wants to feel in power, they
want others to see that they can go against the norm of women
being the weaker sex and prove that they are more capable than
men. They love the feeling of control and the job of assigning
responsibilities to men under her. Often overriding the father
figure in the family, these women are dominating in their
marriages and seek to put down their husbands as much as
possible. Ironically, this is the same reason why men worship
them, that they are able to crush men under them.

But in reality, no matter how much precedence these women have
over men, the important image of the men can never diminish. A
man can worship a lady, but the idea of men being the stronger
and more capable gender is fixed and cannot be changed.

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