Wednesday 1 July 2009

Cartier - From Jewellery To Perfumes

An ancillary unit of Compagnie Financiere Richmont SA, Cartier
is a well-known manufacturer of timepieces and other jewellery.
His masterpieces include the world famous "Bestiary'' and the
earliest handy wristwatch `Santos' for men.

The history of the designer label Cartier dates back in the
middle half of ninetieth centaury, the founder being a French
man Louis Francois Cartier. His son Alfred and grandsons Louis,
Pierre, Jacques took charge of the administration and made this
as a renowned brand name of Cartier.

The three generations equally helped out to increase the
production and Cartier stores were opened in cities like London
and New York shortly. They even managed to spread the business
in places like Cannes and Monte Carlo between the world wars.
Later, Cartier outlets were opened in Moscow, Gulf countries,
Hong Kong, Geneva and Munich. Their models named Baignoire,
Tonneau and Tortue are still in vogue.

The unique feature of Cartier watches is its reference numbers,
which is a four-digit code stamped on the base of the watch.
This prevents the duplicate models being sold in the market. The
humble beginning of Cartier has grown into a multinational
organization. The elegance and fine quality makes it all time
favorites of all including celebrities as well.

The models designed for ladies are festooned with jewels. The
Cartier watches are the first entrepreneurs who took the
challenge of making pocket watches, which will show the accurate
time during flight journeys withstanding pressure and altitude
variations. Indeed, the designs and the technology are quite
groundbreaking and up to date. The movements used are from Swiss
makers like Vacheron, Constatin, Audemars-Piguet, Movado and Le

The future of Cartier Company looked bleak due to financial and
artistic deficient. Fortunately, an antique dealer Alain Perrin
was appointed as the CEO and under him were a crew of investors
who kept the prestige of the company high up.

Today, the name Cartier is enough to know the sophistication of
the person who puts on it. Interestingly, we find products in
all price ranges making it the item accessible to everyone.

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