Wednesday 15 July 2009

Useful Tips For The Tuscany Lovers

When you envision Tuscany you see ancient rows of cypress trees
pointing skyward, olive groves and vineyards marking hillsides
with row after row of abundant and prized fruit. The beauty of
the area and its idyllically perfect landscapes have remained
unchanged for hundreds of years. What the Renaissance painters so
lovingly and accurately captured in their works is still
identifiable 500 years later.

So where do you begin when you have an entire region overflowing
with beauty to explore? The launching point for many is Florence.
And if you view the city from a holiday villa in the Florence
hills you can not help but comprehend how the myriad of artists
were inspired to create the great works that are housed within
the city's museums.

Florence is the political and cultural heart of the region.
Beginning here will not only allow you to view a huge number of
works of art, but also indulge in some world class restaurants
and shopping. Quietly sipping Chianti at the end of a day of
sight seeing on the terrazzo of a holiday villa, the Florence
hills behind you and a stunning vista in front of you is the
perfect end to a perfect day.

When you head to the fabulous wine country that yields the
region's most popular wine, Chianti, you will enter a landscape
that belongs on a postcard. Ancient vineyards that have been
tended by the same families for generations are dispersed
throughout the region. Taking a vacation apartment in Chianti
allows for a world of wine tasting and agritourism that is

Hundreds of years of cultivating the same region and perfecting
the techniques yield not only world class wines, but also a
hospitality that is second nature. A trip spent in a vacation
apartment in Chianti is one that give you memories and photos
that will last a lifetime.

Tuscany boasts a host of Medieval towns and rural areas, in
addition to Mediterranean beaches that can charm even the most
hardened of hearts. From the city of towers, San Gimignano to the
nearby Sienna, there is a beauty in both history and architecture
that takes hold of the heart and puts a smile on your face.

The vibrance and excitement of the twice annual Palio in the
center of Sienna draw crowds of locals rooting for their
traditional favorites and tourists from around the world.

Eastern Tuscany lays claim to being the setting for the filming
of two of the most popular films set in Italy in the last
generation. The Roman established town of Arezzo will look
amazingly familiar to fans of Bernini's "A Beautiful Life."
Just south of Arezzo lies Cortona, where Diane Lane and "Under
the Tuscan Sun" spawned a huge growth in Tuscany luxury villa

Tuscany's west facing shoreline offers not only unforgettable
sunsets and lazy summer days spent bronzing one's self on the
beach, but also Napoleon's temporary home of Elba Island.
Holiday villas in Tuscany are abundant along the shore. Where
Viareggio, "the way of the kings" and other seaside playgrounds
call to Italians, Europeans and virtually everyone to come dip
their toes into the warm, softly lapping waves of the

Maurizio Esposito works in a travel bureau. He writes articles
about tourism and itineraries in Tuscany, collaborating with
Tuscani Lovers. Here you can find a wide range of holiday villas
in Tuscany, vacation apartments in Chianti and many other
accommodations for your perfect Tuscan holiday. Learn more


  1. The historic Castle of Montalto lies in one of the loveliest and most unspoiled parts of the Chianti area of Tuscany, not far from Siena. It is very centrally located for art touring, an excellent home base for sight-seeing, winery visits and exploring hill towns and back roads.
    Part of the castle and the houses surrounding it are offered directly by the owner as self-catering vacation rental accommodations.

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