Tuesday 18 August 2009

1,000,000 Free Panties Added to the Stimulus Package

Government bails out banking and car industry; Intimonth aims to bail out relationships
MIAMI, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Intimonth LLC today kicks off its contribution to the nation's stimulus package by launching 1000000freepanties.com. Without the need to wait for a tax return or a stimulus check, 1000000freepanties.com aims to give away one million free panties to anybody that requests a pair.

Intimonth LLC believes that a new pair of sexy panties will help people forget the ongoing economic, political and personal problems facing them today. So let people forget their troubles and work on their own relationships with a new pair of seductive panties. Imagine how that will stimulate the economy.

"Who doesn't like the idea of getting free panties?" asks Seamus Brodie, President and Founder of Intimonth. "Nothing inflames passion more than a pair of alluring panties. Ask any woman how it feels to wear a sensuous pair of panties or any man how a hot pair of panties on his special lady makes him feel. Now multiply that feeling by a million and you get a lot of happy couples."

These panties, which normally retail for $40, are made from the finest satin, silk and other stimulating materials in styles including Thongs, G-Strings, French Knickers, Bikinis and Tangas.

Visitors to 1000000freepanties.com will also have the opportunity to explore and join monthlylingerie.com. Monthlylingerie.com is the largest lingerie club on the Internet and stimulates its members every month with European designed lingerie delivered directly to their home.

About Intimonth

Intimonth LLC owns 1000000freepanties.com, the biggest little giveaway on the Internet and monthlylingerie.com, the largest Internet lingerie club which offers its members the highest quality lingerie, panties, men's wear and sexy accessories delivered directly to their home every month.

Intimonth LLC specializes in the design and manufacture of lingerie with offices and manufacturing capabilities in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Additional information on Intimonth LLC and its subsidiaries is available online at http://www.intimonth.com, by sending email to [email protected], or by calling Jack Williams at: 305 677 9922.

SOURCE Intimonth LLC

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