Wednesday 5 August 2009

Crystal Wine Wedding Corks

he two marks of elegance are certainly crystal and wine. Each
represents sophistication and glamor, the two most important
things to make your wedding a memorable night for everyone
involved. The crystal captures the light and flashes a romantic
glow all over the tables and the whole of the reception hall
while the aspect of wine adds the ideas of warmth, merriment,
passion, and joy that have been associated with this drink for
hundreds of years. Also, wine is a symbol of long life, which is
what you want the most to share with your m new spouse. These
elegant bottle stoppers will definitely impress your guests with
the use that they will get out of them at their own homes for
dinner parties and other social events. The layers of meaning
and sophistication that surrounds these items are sure to make
them an instant success from the second your guests walk through
the door land see the incandescent glow shining all mover the
hall and their own personal take home wedding favor sitting at
their place on the table. Try making it even more personal with
some wedding favor tags.

The chrome bottle stopper favor with a crystal heart is truly
romantic, any way you look at it. Exclusively from the Choice
Crystal line.

Mesmerizing is the perfect word to describe our heart-felt
bottle stopper favor that goes great with wines and spirits.

The crystal heart design, from the Choice Crystal line, is
carved in a brilliant pattern that catches every glint of light.
A stylish chrome base adds drama.

The bottle stopper favor is magnificently set in a 4½ x 2 x 1
1/8 silver deluxe box with a simple heart design. White organza
bow and matching thank you tag.

Grape Theme Bottle Stopper:

This goes fantastically with any theme, but really incorporates
into a harvest or fruit themed wedding. So, if you are someone
who really enjoys what the earth has to offer us, use this to
represent your love of all things natural. The grapes also add a
lot to the wine symbolism and the ideas of good luck and joy
that have become associated with grapes in many cultures. What a
great way to express your personality and passions!

Venus Design Bottle Stopper:

This bottle stopper is a beautifully cut crystal heart that
will capture the eyes of everyone in the room. It's stunning
beauty comes from Mikasa crystal that is cut and crafted into
something so dazzling that nit can only be compared to a
vibrantly gorgeous diamond. There is no better way to express
your love than with the classic symbol of a heart. This heart is
extra special because of the beauty of the light that it will
reflect with its crystalline angular cuts.

Tee Time Bottle Stopper:

This bottle stopper is definitely for all those golf lovers out
there. The beauty of this crystal bottle stopper is a true
testament to the fact that you do not ever have to sacrifice
your personal taste and loves for the effect of beauty and

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wonderful wedding gifts such as
wedding favors and bridal shower favors to assist you in your
wedding planning needs.

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