Wednesday 26 August 2009

Fading Stretch Marks

For many woman stretch marks can be seen as an
embarrassment. Something that they wouldn't want the world
to see after pregnancy or extreme weight gain and then
loss. So what is one to do about these 'unsightly' areas of
skin that can make you feel shame and embarrassment? This
article will talk about some of the ways one can work on
fading stretch marks.

Stretch marks are scars where your skin, which is usually
rather elastic has stretched itself far too much too fast.
Causing breaks in the skin that are visually unappealing.
What would be the ideal to do is start treating your skin
as soon as you notice stretch marks to form. As it's easier
to keep your skin more elastic from the start than to try
and battle marks as they there's and been waiting awhile.
If one is lucky in 10 years of doing nothing the marks will
have faded. However, what woman truly wants to wait 10
years to see their skin look lovely again?

One method for fading ones stretch marks is to start with a
skin care treatment routine. Each morning begin your
treatment by rubbing Aloe Vera gel into places that have
stretch marks. Next, at least twice during the day rub the
CoCo butter into your stretch marks, this will help keep
new ones from forming. Plus it just makes your skin feel
silky smooth all over. Next, at night before bed apply the
Tea Tree oil to your marks, do this nightly. Follow this
routine until your preferred results are met. A more simple
option to this is buying a cream designed for stretch
marks, though results for such 'miracle' creams are varied.

There are also two more medical solutions one being a tummy
tuck, the other laser removal. The first, laser removal is
a surgical procedure with the use of a laser to remove
areas of skin affected with the marks. Once the stretched
ripped skin is removed, new unmarked skin will grow to
replace it. Usually, laser removal has to be done in a
series of treatments to completely remove the stretch
marked skin.

The second surgical method used for stomach stretch marks
is a tummy tuck. It removes loose skin around the abdomen,
and tightens up the muscles as well as removing the marks
below the belly button. Resulting in a flat smooth tummy
with next to no marks. Though you will most likely be left
with some amount of scaring after the surgery so you will
have to weigh which is more important.

In the end, the option is up to you. Do you want a skin
care regimen? Are you alright with surgical methods such as
going under the knife? Or can you be comfortable with
multiple sessions under a laser to remove the marked
unwanted skin? These are just some of the more common
practices for fading stretch marks.

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