Wednesday 5 August 2009

Modern Leotards Mix Flash And Style

Fashion always pushes the envelope, and why shouldn't It? That
is what we have come to expect fashion to do. Designers can
influence and inspire an entire generation of people by
popularizing looks that fit the mood and consciousness of any
given era. Besides, as we all know, clothes do indeed make the
man or woman, largely because what we wear can and does say a
lot about us. Even so, far too many of us don't give a passing
thought to certain aspects of dress or clothing styles, save for
the brave and sassy fashionistas who constantly crave (and
obtain) the latest and greatest name brands in the clothing
industry. The most innocuous the piece of clothing, the less due
it is given, but there is one article of clothing that is always
evolving, even in the back ground, that can make a break a
woman's outfit, especially when it comes to dance attire.

Yes my friend, I am talking about leotards. Prima ballerinas,
ice skaters and all forms of entertainers have donned this
particular piece of clothing in a variety of performances for a
number of reasons. In fact, it was fairly recently that a famed
pop singer scandalized millions by donning a rather skimpy, near
see through leotard that was dotted with strategically placed
Swarovski crystals. Traditionally, most leotards were fairly
simple, looking something like a thin bathing suit in its early
incarnations, but with a far more breathable material. During
that time period, the leotard was largely functional, becoming
famous after French acrobatic performer Jules Leotard donned
them for his highflying act. Leotards evolved and were used in
any situation where an individual had to move freely about
without being restricted by a ton of clothing material. The
entertainment industry soon claimed the one-piece outfit for its
own, but a few modifications were occurring. In record time,
leotards were sporting rhinestones, tassels, and prints. They
were o also coming in a variety of colors and textures that
would have made ole Jules beam with pride.

Modern leotards have gone a step further, coming in bright neon
colors and animal patterns – some can even glow in the dark.
During an online search you will even find ones that come in
leather suede, silk and, if you can believe it, faux fur! These
changes have come with the changing tidal waves of fashion,
marking the growing needs of the entertainment industry and
women who simply want them for everyday fashion. Yet and still,
there is something singularly fascinating and classy about the
leotard - maybe it is because they are most often worn by
graceful and disciplined performers whose erect stances and
mesmerizing movements can make this scant piece of clothing seem
elegant. Or maybe it is the history, which showcases a long and
fascinating evolution from plain and functional to splendorous
and multifaceted. Whatever the reason, leotards are and perhaps
will always be, a mainstay in the entertainment industry that
can marry a bit of spectacle with a dash of the sophisticate.

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