Sunday 27 September 2009

Looking to Buy a Collagen Gel Remedy or a Collagen Gel Mask? Read This First

Does your skin lack collagen and look old and dull? Are you
thinking of using a collagen mask or a collagen gel to
improve your skin condition? If you answered 'yes' to
either of these questions, I have something important to
tell you. Please make sure you read this article fully.

It is common knowledge that your skin needs collagen and
elastin to stay young, firm, and healthy. When its ability
to produce these natural proteins diminishes, it becomes
saggy and starts developing wrinkles and lines. To reverse
this process and to make your skin younger, you should
increase the amount of collagen and elastin in your skin
naturally. To do so, people start using a collagen gel
remedy or a collagen gel mask. The sad part is that neither
of these methods works. Let me tell you why.

Time for you to know an important fact - your skin is not
capable of absorbing collagen from any source. If it needs
collagen, it has to produce it all by itself. So, if you
want younger skin, you need to stimulate your skin cells
somehow to produce more collagen and elastin. There is
simply no other way to do it.

Think about it - if your skin cannot absorb collagen from
any artificial source, why would you want to waste your
time and money on a useless product like a collagen mask?
Or even a collagen gel for that matter? When you apply a
trans-dermal collagen face mask or rub a collagen based gel
on your skin, nothing really happens.

This is why most people, even after using such products for
months together, rarely get any results. Since customer
satisfaction is a term that most skin care product
manufacturers have not heard of, they continue to make such
crappy products, exploit their customers, and make a lot of
money. It sounds really bad, doesn't it?

If you are really serious about fighting aging skin, I have
a good suggestion for you. Instead of wasting your money on
a collagen gel remedy or mask, start using a good organic
anti aging cream. There are some very good products
available on the market which can give you better results
in a week than a collagen gel or mask can ever do.

You can use a good anti aging cream that contains highly
potent natural substances like cynergy TK. It can
rejuvenate your skin cells and stimulate them to produce
more natural proteins. If you use it regularly, you can
easily get rid of aging skin problems and keep your skin
young and healthy for a long time.

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