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Do permanent hair removal products exist?

Permanent Hair Removal Products

Do permanent hair removal products exist? For many people,
excess hair growth can be a difficult problem to deal with.
I have battled with excess hair problems, especially excess
facial hair problems, for many years because the
medications I take, and I have not yet found a product that
permanently removes hair. The only method I have found to
permanently remove it, unfortunately, is electrolysis,
which is painful and expensive. There are several products,
however, which will temporarily remove hair, as well as a
product that will help keep hair from growing back, and
those will be the main focus of this article.

As I mentioned, the only truly permanent method, not
product, I have found to permanently remove hair is
electrolysis. Electrolysis is where a trained person
(electrologist) uses a device that delivers an electric
current to the root of the hair, which makes the hair come
out. When done over time, the process will eventually
destroy the hair root so that the hair will not grow back.
As I previously mentioned, this is very expensive - when I
tried electrolysis, I paid $25 for a 15 minute session, or
$100 an hour. While there is a definite reduction in the
amount of hair, the process is very painful, because the
thicker hairs require higher the voltage to be removed.

Other methods that can be used to temporarily remove hair
include depilatories and waxes. Depilatories are creams
that are applied to the hair and left on for a certain
amount of time. After that, a warm washcloth is used to
wipe the hair away. While this method is less painful, it
is very messy, the creams used can be very smelly, and it
can cause some redness in the area where the hair has been
removed. For this reason, many companies include a lotion
to be applied afterwards to soothe the area. Waxes can
either be hot or cold - they are applied to the area in the
direction of hair growth, and a strip is placed over the
wax - then in a quick motion, the strip is removed working
against the direction of the hair growth. This method
removes hair at the root, so that it will not grow back as
quickly - however because of the fact that the hair is
ripped out at the root, it is even more painful than using
a depilatory. Most waxing products has a matching cream to
be applied after waxing to soothe the skin.

The one product that can be used in conjunction with
whichever hair removal method that you choose in order to
ensure the hair won't grow back, is a prescription cream
called Vaniqa. It does not work right away but if applied
over time it will slow down and eventually stop the growth
of excess hair. The two disadvantages of Vaniqa are that it
is only available with a prescription, and it also can be
very expensive since many prescription drug companies will
only cover the cost of it in part, or in some cases not at

So do permanent hair removal products exist? No, not
really. I discussed electrolysis in this article, which is
the only truly permanent hair removal method. The other
products that exist may be used to temporarily remove hair,
and the prescription cream Vaniqa can be used along with
them to help slow, and eventually stop the growth of hair,
but other than that there are no quick and easy permanent
hair removal products. Whichever method you choose depends
on your budget, pain tolerance level, and how quickly you
want the hair removal method to work.

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