Sunday 27 September 2009

Discover Honey Facial's luxurious effects on your skin!

What if you are told that honey is not only meant to be
eaten, it has also been discovered to help enhance your
looks! You might wonder how this is actually possible. Many
chemicals have been produced in order to improve the
appearance of some people. But most of these chemicals have
some residues that accumulate in the skin which causes some
debilitating conditions.

A treatment that does not cause these effects is called
Honey Facial, one way of using honey on the skin. What are
the benefits of using honey as a facial? Well, pay
attention as these benefits are enumerated and explained.

Honey possesses rejuvenating and special antioxidant
properties which make it a good facial treatment. It
consists of unique enzymes that give it antioxidant,
antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Its use as a
restorer of the youthful glow of skin has been known even
in the time of Cleopatra.

Honey provides antioxidants and antibacterial power that
helps the skin counteract oxidation and fight infection.
The common type of honey used for a facial treatment is
golden or brown in color. But the effects of these
varieties could not be compared to the miraculous power of
Manuka honey face gel.

This honey is known around the world as the number one
medicinal honey. Enough reason has been gathered to
convince scientist to do some testing to see how well
manuka honey heals skin ulcers. People with antibiotic
resistant staphylococci infections and those that have skin
complications as an effect of diabetes have been treated
with this honey.

It contains special properties for revitalizing and healing
the skin due to its unique antibacterial components. Its
ability of rejuvenating the skin is very strong; and helps,
too, in curing other debilitating skin complications like
psoriasis and eczema.

The unique ability of Manuka honey lies in improving the
development of new protein called collagen; which is known
to keep the skin firm, young, pliant and supple. The
anti-oxidizing ability of this honey is strong enough to
remove some free radicals which are the products of long
term sun exposure. Free radicals are the number one cause
of aging. Thus, this honey could also be construed as an
anti aging substance.

Using honey as an anti aging facial treatment could do
wonders for your skin. But utilizing Manuka honey as a
facial gel is a sure way of seeing the effects of honey on
your face in a shorter time span. Treat yourself the best
way possible by using Manuka honey face gel and see your
face stay younger looking each time you use it!

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