Friday 2 October 2009

Issey Miyake presents Asian fusion at the Paris Fashion Week

Asian fusion comes to Paris as the Japanese designer, Issey Miyake presents 'News Mix' at the Paris Fashion Week, a Spring/Summer collection with a crossover of cultural influences.
'News Mix' comes from the cultural crossover in the news every day, explained the designer, but also stands for North, East, West and South, the points of the compass where this news comes from.

Miyake says that with the cultural crossover of the modern world, Asian influences are reaching the West and Western influences are adding to the visial culture in the East, and he wanted to create his own mix and move the axis of the compass points himself.

"If I go to England or Ireland, or Russia as well, the crossover point is going up, but I would like to mix by myself. If you go to Japan, the cross point goes to the East, but you just bring something from the West, Tokyo has got a new mix by you. All these kind of things, clothes telling about the new mix through the Issey Miyake collection," he said.

The collection is a mix of traditional and contemporary patterns from all corners of the globe, "the tailoring of news into fashion creations".

Celtic patterns are tied with tropical styles and traditional themes are hand-drawn into pop-motifs. One of the most striking dresses involved an intricate Celtic pattern woven in with one of the most famous Japanese weaving technicques, Kyoto's Nishijin brocade.

The vivid images and lavish fabrics of the collection expresses a modernity that goes beyond conventional ethnic themes and moves freely between all the points of the compass.

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