Friday 16 July 2010

Ladies Boot Styles For 2010/11

What is the most important thing to remember when shopping
for your perfect pair of women's boots? For some it is about
finding what is in fashion while others just want top
performance and comfort. A higher heel will not necessarily
mean higher fashion. However in most cases a boot's heel
legnth will determine your comfort level.

When perfectly paired with matching outfits and accessaries,
women's boots can help create statements, ideal outfits and
turning heads! Some women's boots are designed for show
while other boots are solely (no pun intended) designed to
keep your feet dry and warm during the winter months or
outside work days. You will first need to determine what it
is that you are looking for in your future boots.

Ankle boots are wonderful when paired with the right
clothes. This stylish boot will look great on anyone! The
top of the ankle boot falls just below the ankle bone. Some
things to keep in mind when purchasing ankle boots are to
pick a boot that will showcase many simplistic pants and
short lengnth skirts. When wearing the ankle boot, never
tuck pants into the boot unless they are tight fitting.
Next, think of what color ankle boot will compliment your
cardigan colors. The more simplistic the ankle boot choosen,
the more options you have to pair this lovely style up with.

Knee high boots have many tectured fabrics to choose from
however for maximum comfort you may want to invest in a pair
that has soft inside fabrics. this will help insure a high
comfort level while sporting a hot fashion style. Another
tip is to add nylons or knee high thin socks. This will make
it easier to put your boots on and take off as well as ensure
extra comfort. When paired with "skinny" jeans or a skirt a
few inches taller than your boot length, you will have the
perfect fashion and comfort ansemble.

Thigh high boots often come across as a symbol of power and
are considered by some to be over the top sexy. However,
worn correctly they can work with everyday attire just as
well as the "I am ready to go out and party" style many
associate these boots with. When wearing thigh high boots,
the idea is to make the boots an after thought accessory
that goes with your well thought of outfit. A tip to
consider when wearing these above the knee boots is to
ensure that skin is not showing between your boots and
clothing enseble. This allows a more classy look.

A hot fashion style now and upcoming are designed to wear
women's boots in a tall calf length which can be folded down
to a shorter claf length which provides a dynamic duo rolled
into one awesome boot! No matter what you choose due to all
the different styles out there, you will have no need to
"bootleg" one particular look. Be creative and add your own

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