Sunday 18 July 2010

Womens Boots: What Material is Best For Durability?

There are a lot of fun fashion footwear products available
for women to wear today. In the category of boots, you will
find a large array of different styles. There are boots
designed as fashion boots with high heels and thin surface
materials. There are also rugged boots designed for use with
outdoor activities. If you are looking for quality Womens
Boots that are also durable in construction you should look
at the styles created from leather. Leather is the most
durable material for a boot to be made of. These boots can
come as outdoor styles or fashion styles.

The outdoor type is generally associated with hiking or
camping activities. It is often constructed with a suede
outer surface and a comfortable lined inner surface.
Timberland is a company that manufacturers many of these
styles of boots especially for women. They are available in
several color choices including black, brown and the new
high top in pink and white. These rugged boots have lace up
fronts and hard waffle designed soles for good traction. The
material can be treated with a suede or leather solution to
help make them water resistant as well.

The styles available in leather for basic outdoor use come
in types appropriate to wear for rain or snow. These can be
ankle or knee high boots and generally also have an inner
lining. This type of leather is usually the smooth supple
style and is made to be durable so it won't puncture or tear
easily. Boots that are constructed from fabric materials can
have a tendency to catch on sharp objects and rip. They also
are not naturally resistant to water so if it is raining the
water could leak to the inside and get your sock and foot
wet as well.

Even without special treatment, natural leather has its own
degree of water protection and will not create leaks for
your foot. You will see some boots created from vinyl that
replicate the look of real leather, but they are not as
durable. These vinyl items are better than the fabric
styles, but lack the flexibility of natural leather. The
lack of flexibility makes them easier to crack when bent
repeatedly in a particular direction. For fashion boots
constructed from leather, you will find an array of
different types including snake skin and alligator. You can
also find an assortment of western styled boots for women
that use the tough durable material of leather. These are
available in many different styles and colors to suit your
personal taste. With all the styles available, it's nice to
know even though you choose a boot that is made to be
durable, you don't have to sacrifice your fashion sense to
do it.

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