Thursday 3 September 2009

Natural Skin Care: Beautiful Basics

Most of us try to look and feel our best with diet and exercise.
Few consider the most important measure of our health should be
given to our skin. The epidermis is the body's largest organ and
also the most telling when something is wrong.

Unfortunately, the largest organ frequently gets the least
attention. Your facial complexion reflects health and life as
well as disease, so we should all pay special attention to our
face. Here are a few ways to make your skin reflect your good

1. Diet and Supplements

One of the best ways to maintain a healthy balance is to nourish
your skin at the cellular level. When you are getting the proper
nutrients and hydration, your skin will exude a healthy glow. A
diet rich in dark green, leafy vegetables and plenty of fruit and
fiber are key to healthy living. In addition, supplements play an
important role to add the extra nutrients lost when cooking food.
Vitamins C, E and beta-carotene replenish tired, dead skin cells
and replace them with vibrant living cells. When taken regularly,
these powerful building blocks, called antioxidants, are one of
the best anti-aging tools in your arsenal to combat the ravishes
of time. And to keep your skin firm and elastic, there are a few
simple rules to follow costing very little time or money.

2. Rest

Sleep is an important component to healthy glowing skin since
it's the time your skin cells use to regenerate themselves.
It's hard to do with jobs and children, but try to get at least
eight hours of sound sleep and pay close attention to your sleep
habits. Some people need to sleep face down or in a three quarter
turn, which presses their face into the pillow. With a
traditional feathered pillow, this can spell disaster for your
skin. When the delicate facial tissue is compressed for hours, it
is not able to breath and can deteriorate quickly. Try using a
memory foam pillow that is designed to mold to the contour of
your face and neck. This will keep compression off your face and
protect the elasticity in your skin.

3. Hydration

The importance of eight glasses of water daily is key to good
overall health, especially in the skin. After just a few days of
64 ounces a day, you'll see immediate results in your skin's
suppleness and elasticity. Water flushes away the impurities
embedded just below the surface of the skin, leaving you with a
freshly cleansed appearance all day. In addition, you will notice
that fine lines fade as the hydration process plumps and firms
your face. Water is the only answer to flush away toxins.
Beverages such as coffee, processed juices and sodas also contain
water, but they can add to the impurities lodged in the skin, so
go easy on these choices.

To make the most of your water cleansing, try to avoid foods that
contain salt, as this substance is notorious for water retention,
clogging pores and making your face puffy. If you do eat a salt
culprit, like potato chips, use wise portion control and be sure
to drink plenty of water to flush away the toxins. Other foods to
avoid are cured meats and canned goods that are loaded with
sodium. Check the labels on your favorite products and try to
eliminate processed foods and those containing salt. Sodium is
your enemy and you should avoid it as best you can; your skin and
heart will thank you.

4. Cleansing

Proper daily care starts with a sound cleansing routine to remove
surface particles and deep clean your pores. Try an exfoliating
gel to gently scrub away the grime and slough away dead skin
cells. Beneath the upper layer of skin lie healthy, vibrant cells
just waiting to be released, but they cannot shine until the dead
cells are removed. Some people suffer a mild skin reaction to
daily exfoliating cleansers, but that may be due to chemical
ingredients used in that product. Never use products with harsh

5. Moisturizing

After a facial cleansing, a great way to seal in moisture to your
face is to apply a peel-off mask containing vitamins and
nutrients. One of the most effective masks is a product
containing grape seed that seeps into your pores producing a
lustrous shine and glow. Grape seed is 30 times more powerful
than vitamin C and an excellent building block for cellular
repair. Another effective alternative is a mineral mask that will
deep clean your pores. Use your mask twice weekly for soft,
supple skin and radiant glow.

6. UV Protection

You should also consider possible sun damage in your daily skin
care routine. If you live in a sunny climate or have many outdoor
activities, it would be best to use a sunscreen. Some
dermatologists suggest that you should use sunscreen every day,
no matter where you live.

7. Exercise

Finally, exercise is of paramount importance to keep your
capillaries open and a plentiful blood supply going to your skin.
Aerobic exercise works best, but any kind of workout that brings
the heart rate up will do. If there's no time in your busy
schedule for the gym, try a brisk walk for a minimum of twenty
minutes and watch your skin light up with a rosy glow. Exercise
also acts as a cleanser as the sweat pulls toxins from the pores,
keeping your complexion clean and clear. Daily exercise combined
with water intake will not only enhance your skin, but also
increase your endurance and stamina for life's busy schedule.

Radiant skin, the natural way, involves proper nutrition and
cleansing, rest, water and exercise. Good skin equals good health
and taking the time and effort to develop a proper skin care
regiment can go a long way.

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