Monday 14 September 2009

Protestors target Carolina Herrera

Anti-fur protestors target Carolina Herrera at New York Fashion Week as the designer unveils her collection for Spring 2010.

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES - Designer Carolina Herrera was the target of protestors at New York Fashion Week, as she unveiled her collection for Spring 2010.

Armed with placards, the small, yet vocal, group from NYC Animal Rights handed out fliers to fashionistas, criticising the designer's use of fur.

Spokesperson Nicole Medran says shoppers should boycott Herrera.

Nicole Medran, NYC Animal Rights, saying:

"The message we want to get across is compassion is the fashion, and I believe you can look beautiful without having to rob the beauty of an animal."

Yet it was Japanese basket weaving, and not fur, that was the theme of Herrera's collection, inside.

Using a colour palette of ivory, stone and beige, combined with amber, rose and caramel, the designer delivered a collection featuring jackets and vests in silken raffia, and chiffon gowns with intricately-woven leather rope belts.

Carolina Herrera, Designer, saying:

"It has been very successful, because we have the prints, we have the embroideries, the shoes, the belts, the bags, like woven like baskets. I have always been in love with baskets, I don't know why."

Other designers to show on the day included Brazil's Carlos Miele.

For next Spring and Summer, the designer created a look of carnival brights, snake patterns and photo prints of Rio's famous beaches, echoing the mood of a samba party.

Gemma Haines, Reuters.

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