Friday 23 October 2009

Discover Reality in Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Ever had the feeling that your own mirror holds a personal
grudge against you because it mirrors fine lines and
wrinkles that you can't just claim to be yours? Aging
process is undergone by the skin everyday of our lives; the
sun is just one of the many factors that bring about the
dreaded skin sagging, age spots, uneven skin tone, dilated
capillaries and spider veins.

Moisture is an essential part in keeping the skin healthy
and supple; a person ages together with their skin. Natural
aging causes the skin to become thinner than those of the
young and less able to absorb water; but genetics also play
a part in a person's aging, some people are just naturally
slow to show their age physically and some are just the

Fine lines and wrinkles are also brought about by everyday
activities of an individual, stress also plays a role and
so are the many pollutants that are nowadays getting more
and more prolific. But self conscious individuals should do
away with further fretting over how they look for a variety
treatment is now being offered.

Topically applied formulas covering those of prescription
products such as retinoids presents promising results when
it comes to sun-damaged skin while that of the commonly
used non prescription brands offers relief from these
wrinkles for only a short period of time for it cannot
reach further into the skin to fully rid the skin of

Another proven effective way of doing away with fine lines
and wrinkles is the dermabrasion and microdermabrasion
methods. Dermabrasion is employed to skins that have been
badly scarred by acne and deeply wrinkled dermis; it is
otherwise referred to as surgical skin planning and scrapes
the skin off its unwanted layer.

Microdermabrasion is a milder innovation of the
dermabrasion method; this is most commonly presented to
individuals with fine lines and dull skin. It makes use of
micro-particles to rub off the top layer of the skin and
effect a youthful and radiant glow.

Fine lines and wrinkles are also improved with chemical
peels, achieved through the use of chemical formulas
designed to peel away the surface of the skin and leave a
regenerated and more even toned and livelier version of the
skin. This is most recommended to individuals with minor
skin problems, and can be done away with on a single or a
series of treatment.

The laser skin resurfacing is another technological
advancement devoted to serve and lead the growing beauty
industry in our world today. Like those mentioned above,
the goal of this treatment is to promote the resurfacing of
a glowing and younger looking skin.

Laser skin resurfacing not only accommodate people who
wanted to rid themselves of their fine line and wrinkles
especially around areas where it is most visible like
around those of the eyes and mouth, but also have enough
room for loose eyelids, and age spots of freckles. They
also serve those who would like to live free of scars,
uneven skin tone and loose skin around the neck.

In today's world, our biggest asset would be our skin, and
the authority lies alone in us if we succumb ourselves to
the confines of traditional notions of beauty or throw
cautions into the wind and ride along with the tides.

About the Author:

Kalpana is an educator by profession and she is also
experienced in homeopathy and natural remedies. She
strongly advocates natural skincare and beauty products to
protect your skin, avoid harmful reactions and enhance
youthful looks. To get more tips and info on natural skin
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