Monday 5 October 2009

A Guide to Collagen Facial Cream

I bet you did not know that your skin is reliant on
collagen and elastin to keep it firm and pliant. Proteins
that we take for granted when we are younger are what helps
us to keep firm, wrinkle free skin.

As we age, our bodies decrease the amount of collagen and
elastin they produce. This is what happens when skin begins
to get wrinkles, get saggy or develop lines and spots that
you did not have when you were younger.

This also can depend on the type of environment you subject
your skin to such as overexposure to the sun and pollutants
in the air. Collagen creams are not going to help the
problem although they will moisturize your face.

The best product you will find will be one that rejuvenates
the skin and makes it start acting like it did when you
were in your 20s. This is what will boost the production of
collagen in the body and help you to look younger.

There have been breakthroughs in the search for natural
substances to help the skin revitalize and allow the
proteins needed to return firm skin to your face. How many
times have you considered face lifts, but you know you
cannot afford one?

Free radicals are responsible for a majority of damage to
skin. Products that contain antioxidants will fight these
free radicals and keep them from doing additional damage.

There are many things we have learned about the amazing
things the body can do if given the right tools. From
re-growing cells as well as repairing them, the body is
extraordinarily resourceful when it comes to protecting

When you go shopping for anti wrinkle creams or anti-aging
solutions, don't make the mistake of thinking they must
contain collagen as an ingredient. This is not the solution
because skin will not absorb collagen.

Sometimes we just remember the skin cream must have
something called collagen. We do not remember that it is
not the specific ingredient - it is the production of
collagen ingredients we need.

Look for the creams that promote collagen production as
well as elastin. These are the collagen creams you will
want to purchase.

You may want to think of these two proteins as being the
foundation of the face. They are responsible for the uneven
complexion we begin to get, age spots and the firmness
beginning to diminish.

Curing wrinkles naturally by increasing the amount of
collagen and elastin our bodies contain is the best method.
Anything that you can do naturally when it comes to your
skin is a far better solution than using chemicals and
other unnatural processes.

Instead of looking years older than you actually are or if
you want to look years younger than your actual age, think
about the product which you are considering buying. The key
lies in the proper way of encouraging your body to produce
proteins it naturally produced in abundance when you were

Do yourself a favor and try what you have learned about
collagen facial cream. You might just be totally surprised
with the results.

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