Saturday 24 October 2009

The History of Tissot Watches

When people hear the word "Tissot" they may not immediately
recognize it as a watch brand, but that it is. Tissot was
founded in 1853 by Charles-Felicien Tissot and his son
Charles-Emile who set up shop in Switzerland.

Known as "innovators by tradition", Tissot has achieved
many "firsts" in the watchmaking industry. In the first
year of its existence, Tissot created the first
mass-produced pocket watch and the first pocket watch that
showed two different time zones. In 1929, the company
introduced the first anti-magnetic watch.

Tissot has been known to make watches out of bizarre
materials such as plastic and wood. In 1971 the company
produced an all plastic watch called the IDEA 2201. In 1985
they came out with an all stone one called Alpine Granite
Rock watch, an all mother of pearl piece in 1987 and one
made entirely of wood, aptly called the Wood Watch in 1988.

It is common practice among watch brands to partner with
and sponsor events that draw the same type of customer as
the watch brand itself does. Tissot, being a maker of
high-precision sports watches has since 2005, partnered
with NASCAR to be the Official Timekeeper and Official
Watch of this all 'American car racing series. Tissot has
long been involved with motor racing and promises to
continue bettering the experience for the 75 million fans
that watch NASCAR on TV and the 6 million that attend live
races. As part of this partnership Tissot has created a
series of seven special NASCAR watches including: the
T-Touch NASCAR, the T-Race NASCAR, the T-Tracx NASCAR, and
the PR 50 Chronograph NASCAR among others.

NASCAR racing isn't the only sport that Tissot has a long
history with. Part of the appeal of Tissot watches is that
it is broad and extends to many countries and people with
different interests. The only common denominator is that
both these watches and the audiences that they seek to
please both enjoy the "values of precision, innovation,
performance and prestige." Other sport partnerships include
that of dirt bike racing, cycling, ice hockey and motor
bike racing and fencing.

Since 1983 Tissot has been a member of the Swatch Group,
the world's largest watch producer and distributor. Swatch
watches, Tissot watches and Omega watches will very much be
in the international headlines just in time for the 2016
summer Olympics in Brazil. Omega, also owned by Swatch, is
the official timekeeper for the Olympics and Swatch will be
investing $100 million dollars in Brazil along with opening
a new Swatch watch store.

Tissot has a number of ambassadors that cover all the
fields of sports and geographic locations that Tissot
partners with and is interested in attracting. Indy race
car driver Danica Patrick may be the most well-known
Ambassador as she has catapulted to international fame and
done some high profile photo shoots for Tissot watches.
Nicky Hayden, American MotoGP Rider, Michael Owen, English
Footballer, Barbie Hsu, Taiwanese Actress, Deepika
Padukone, Indian actress and model, Margherita Granbassi,
winner of the 2006 World Fencing Championship and Steven
Stamkos, Canadian professional ice hockey player are other
young, talented faces in their arenas.

Tissot is also lucky that it can still bank on the fact
that the below famous people have worn Tissot watches:
Sarah Bernhardt, Carmen Miranda, Elvis Presley, Grace
Kelly, and Nelson Mandela. Did you know that? Might make
you reconsider a Tissot watch for yourself!

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