Monday 19 October 2009

Japan's First Lady's jeans accolade

Japan's First Lady has been voted one of the nation's best jeans dresser among women celebrities during Japan Fashion Week.

JAPAN - Japan's First Lady is now also the nation's first lady of jeans.

It is Japan Fashion Week in Tokyo and Miyuki Hatoyama, the prime minister's wife, was voted one of the nation's best looking women celebrities in denim.

She was chosen by a panel of judges from the Japan Jeans Association.

The first lady was thrilled to be awarded.

Japan's First Lady, Miyuki Hatoyama, saying:

"Thank you. I've been long aware of this award and wished I would win it someday thinking 'I'm also a jeans lover.' So, I'm very grateful for giving me this honourable award today."

Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama has accompanied his wife on the catwalk.

The prize is offered to celebrities who best represent what the organisers call the "spirit of jeans".

The panel said the first lady wore jeans in a neat and innovative way that was appropriate for the aggressive nature of jeans.

They have defined the winner as "pioneering", "strong", "environmental" and "energetic."

Lee Marzel, Reuters

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