Friday 30 October 2009

Boyfriend Sets Off on Voyage to Antarctica: Long Distance Boyfriend Gift Ideas

So your boyfriend is far away on a long trip? Whatever the
reason is for him being away you want to send him a gift to
show him how much you miss him. You might ask yourself,
"Then what would make a good gift? What's something he'll
like, not too expensive and will make him feel that I love

Why not bake him a personalized, delicious sweet? They're
cheap to make, taste delicious and can be made into a
variety of ways each time. So what are some of the best
ones that are easy to make and won't break or melt during
delivery? Cookies of all different kinds, small cakes and
cupcakes or pies all would be great choices and would be a
big hit for him, but I will focus on just cookies this time

Cookies are easy to deliver, create multiple treats that
will last for several snack times and are easy to make into
different varieties. Learn a favorite recipe by heart and
you'll make it much faster after that. No-bake cookies are
the easiest to make since all you're doing is the prep
work. You could mix them with all different types of
toppings too from mini milk chocolate chips to
white-chocolate, M&Ms, sprinkles to colored sugar and more.
Of course you could make the traditional chocolate chip
cookies, peanut butter or chewy oatmeal raisin. However,
the most fun to make, easiest to personalize and ones I
believe make the best gifts are cut-out sugar cookies.

What are some of your boyfriend's favorite things to do?
Does he love to play sports, or maybe watches them, maybe
he loves motorcycles, boats, computers? Is he a musician,
does he like magic, cars? You could make him cookies in
shapes of his favorite things or even in the shape of your
name. Make him the helmet of his favorite football team, or
cookies in the shape of a basketball, the name of his
favorite band in the correct font. If you'd like to be
romantic you could make heart-shaped cookies or in shapes
of kisses. You first need to get a recipe for cut-out sugar
cookies and for the icing (or frosting). Then get the
supplies that you're missing from your kitchen. You don't
need to get all the fancy equipment just the basics, but do
store and organize them so they'll be easy to access later.

The basic supplies you'll need to make the recipe will be
some mixing bowls and wooden spoons (they're the
strongest), measuring cups and spoons, wax paper, rolling
pin, metal spatula, cookie sheets, white paper and big
index cards. An electric mixer would make it easier to mix
the dough, but you don't need one. Many of these supplies
you can get at Wal-Mart, dollar stores or craft stores at
inexpensive prices. The easiest way I've found to customize
the cookie cutters or in this case cut-out cardboard shapes
is to look for cookie cutter images on Google then make
simple drawings on the paper, cut out the shape then trace
it onto the sturdier index card that you will place on the
dough and then cut around. Use shapes that don't have too
many narrow appendages or points since they can break
easier during delivery. So for example let's say his
favorite animal was a dolphin. Rather than look up images
of dolphins it's easier to look up "dolphin cookie cutters"
images. Then just slowly draw the image or you could even
make an outline with dots then connect them.

Once the dough is complete roll it out at least ¼
inch thick so they'll end up being stronger for delivery.
Use your homemade cookie shapes and follow the baking
instructions on the recipe.

The fun isn't over yet. Now you'll get to decorate them.
The basic supplies you'll need for post-baking besides the
recipe for the icing will be many small bowls for the
different colors of icing, food coloring package, small
paint brushes (just for baking!), pastry brush (preferably
a couple or you'll have to clean them each time you switch
colors), toothpicks, an airtight container for storage in
fridge before delivery, more wax paper and a decorative
cookie tin to put the finished product in. You could use
confectioner's sugar frosting that comes packaged in a
plastic container, but icing will stick better to the
cookies. Determine what colors you will be using for the
icing and place the colors in the various bowls. You could
use basic techniques for the first few batches then get
more advanced. You can find some good cookie decorating
books at the library. Take pictures of each better and
watch your improvement. The simple stuff is more than
effective and the recipes will guide you through them. The
box from the food coloring will tell you how to achieve the
exact colors.

Place the cookies in a small decorative metal box and cover
them in wax paper. Cushion the bottom of tin and top with
packing bubbles or crumbled wax paper. Take them to the
post office and delivery them with the USPS's priority flat
rate service. It's more cost effective than next day air
and gets there fast in 2-3 days. If you're from the US then
you'll have to research the least expensive way to deliver

When your boyfriend sees the personalized cookies he will
have the biggest smile on his face. Your work will pay off
and he'll be thinking about you with each bite! And make
sure you send him a romantic "Gift Message" to stir up
those butterflies in his stomach. I would love my
girlfriend to send me a batch of cookies in the shape of my
favorite football team: the Ohio State Buckeyes. I would
feel very special if she made me such a personalized gift
since it would show me she pays attention to what I like.
It'll work trust me.

About the Author:

My name is Rick and live in Orlando, FL. I love giving
gifts to the people I care about. That's why I created my
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