Saturday 23 May 2009

Apple Bottoms Fashions

The Apple Bottoms clothing line was created by multi-platinum
superstar Nelly with the belief that the natural curves of a
woman should be celebrated. His entire mission with the Apple
Bottoms is to liberate the natural curves and women of all
shapes and sizes and set a trend about the beauty of a woman's

The belief behind the Apple Bottoms is that woman shouldn't
have to attempt to fit into their clothes. They believe that
the clothes should fit the natural silhouette of a woman. The
style of the Apple Bottoms clothing line is to accentuate all of
the curves of women. Nelly personally is involved in the
designing of each of the products from his line to ensure each
product is the way he believes it should be.

In 2003, Nelly decided he needed an Apple Bottoms dream team
and he created it with pals Yomi Martin and Ian Kelly. This
team kicked off a campaign to hold a nationwide model search to
find what would be known as the "Apple Bottoms Girl." This
event was televised on VH1 and became one of the most popular
shows of 2003. The jeans became so popular that they sold out
in as little as two weeks. Because of the attention the search
for the Apple Bottoms girl caused the company immediately gained
national media attention which resulted in major growth. This
caused the company to expand their product line from fashion
focused denim with signature apple pockets. These Apple jeans
extended the boundaries of denim because they focused on women's
curves and soon became a cutting edge collection.

Many celebrities favor the Apple Bottoms clothing line jeans
like Oprah, Fergie, Vivica Fox, Ashanti, and more. Today Apple
Bottoms is not only well known for their signature jean
enhancing a woman's figure but for other products also. They
have many other lines such as sunglasses, scrubs, optical,
swimsuits, intimates, footwear, jewelry, handbags and other
accessories, children's line, and sportswear.

Apple Bottoms is a successful clothing line designed by Nelly
and he has done a fantastic job because he believes the clothes
should fit the women not that the women should fit into the
clothes. Gift vouchers are another attraction of Apple Bottom.
It is the best way to make friends happy and closer. Fabric
collections are really richer with denim, jumpsuits, different
other dressing materials and accessories suitable for all

Jeans suitable to be used as a party ware is the main
innovation of Apple Bottom. Now jeans are more delicious with
designer work and sequins work in back pockets and around the
back. Top quality jeans with richness of beauty can only be used
for this by Apple Bottom. Outfits from Apple Bottom are really
one of a kind and no one can find a similar piece elsewhere.
Clothes of different types are made more and more attractive
with creative talent. No special care or attention is needed for
clothes from Apple Bottom. You can wash and iron them as the
normal clothes.

Convenient online gift cards are also available from Apple
Bottom. With the perfect gift card you can buy whatever type of
gift you want to dears and near. Now Apple Bottom collections
are more delicious and luxurious with denim, jumpsuits,
accessories and other dressing materials suitable for all

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