Saturday 23 May 2009

Are You Using Skin Care Products That Are Actually Harming You?

Did you know that your skin should dictate the products you
use? The products that are best for you may also change as
your skin changes. Many women find themselves using one
set of products in the summer and another set in the
winter. Whether your skin is dry, oily or combo, whether
acne is a problem, or you are starting to worry about aging
- all of those factors are important to consider when
selecting skin care products. If you use an acne skin care
product and you don't truly have an acne problem, you are
likely over-drying your skin. If you are using products
for dry skin and your skin isn't truly dry, then you are
probably creating too much moisture and may start to see
some breakouts. If you are using a facial masque that
isn't right for your particular skin you may find your skin
is starting to protest by becoming blotchy and irritated.
Skin care is such an important part of our health care.
Skin care is not just about looking great (although we all
want to do that) - skin care is about taking care of our
largest organ and keeping it healthy and problem free.

So many women are unsure of what their skin type really is
and what products are actually best for them. I see and
hear it all the time. Here are just a few pointers to tell
help you identify your skin care issues:

1. If your face is oily in the T zone (nose and forehead)
and not anywhere else, then your skin is likely combo.

2. If your skin is shiny all over and you need to reapply
translucent powder during the day to manage the shine, your
skin is oily.

3. If your skin looks dull and you have dry patches
(especially around the corners of your nose) and when you
put foundation or powder on, your find your skin looks
flaky then your skin is dry.

4. Just because you get pimples does not mean you have acne
prone skin. If your pores are large, if you have many
clogged pores (also known as blackheads) and if you have
many small or large blemishes all over your face then you
likely have an acne problem. If you get a few breakouts
here and there, especially at certain times of the month
you don't have an acne problem. Keeping your skin clean
will help, but don't use a full blown acne treatment.

Take some time to examine your skin - check it both morning
and night for a few days, at a few different times of the
month and just jot down what you see. Once you've
accumulated some data from the different times of the day,
for a few different days of the month, you can determine
what skin type you have.

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