Saturday 3 October 2009

Top 10 Party Dresses

Finding the right dress can be challenging for many women.
But once you find it - it's a great confidence boost as you
feel attractive and sexy. Let's take a look at this
season's Top 10 Party Dress Styles.

1. Mini dress - This is a perennial favourite because it's
such a great style for those who want to show off their
legs to the best effect. Mini dress lengths range from the
ultra short (barely covering your bum) to the mid-thigh
length, giving you plenty of choices to find the one that
works best on your body.

2. Strapless - A classic party look, finding a great
looking strapless dress is something you can always count
on. Bustline cuts vary from deep plunges, gathers,
straight cut to the keyhole bodice.

3. Thin straps - For many women, a dress with barely-there
thin straps is an excellent way to show a bit of sexy
shoulder without worrying about how the dress sits on their
bustline. The great thing about this style is that you can
add straps for various styles, from halter neck, to criss

4. Asymmetrical - This dress is great and you can vary the
look from thin shoulder straps, one shoulder strap, to a
strapless bodice. The asymmetrical shape is great as it
draws attention away from problem areas.

5. Tunic - This is a versatile party dress style because
you can wear it as a stand alone dress or as a long tunic
over a pair of sexy, leggings. Look for a tunic made from
a fabric that really shines and that moves nicely with a
comfortable drape across your body.

6. Sheath - If you've got curves to show off then this is
the style for you. A form-fitting sheath is a perfect way
to let your body shine, plus you can find them in a whole
host of fabrics and lengths to suit your preferences.

7. Big shoulders - This Autumn, there is a great selection
of party dresses with exagerrated, wide shoulders. It's a
great style as you can have plenty of fun with it.

8. Sequins - The sequined dress is a must-have for every
party wardrobe because there's nothing like it when it
comes to catching his eye. Look for classic sequins
covering the whole dress, or just some perfectly placed
sequined accents; either way, you'll be the centre of
attention on the dance floor!

9. Cutouts - Many different dresses are showing cutouts
this season, ranging from deep plunging necklines to shaped
cutouts along the waist, hips, or belly. Without showing
off too much the cutout dress is a great way to keep them

10. Swing - This style of dress is typically made with a
flowing, draping fabric that literally moves and swings
with your every body movement. From longer lengths
(mid-calf) to extra mini lengths (just below your bum) an
attractive swing style dress not only makes your body look
terrific, but also catches his attention with your every

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