Thursday 26 November 2009

Tabletop Accessories; The Best Of The Best!

Everyone has their own styles and likes and dislikes. What
I think most people don't understand is that when it comes
to your home, these likes and dislikes will ultimately
bring out YOUR style and YOUR personality. You don't
usually see a really quiet person that is shy have their
home filled with really bizarre art, tabletop accessories
and furniture. Just like you probably couldn't see a really
outrageous person with subdued colors and styles in their
home. This is your home, you can decorate it however you
want or however you see fit.

There are several options you can choose from when the time
comes to pick out your tabletop accessories - but you have
to make sure that every thing you'll pick will conclusively
fit your personality. Undermentioned are a few of my
all-time favorite tabletop accessories. Personally I have a
problem sticking with one specific style because I'm pretty
eclectic and like a little bit of everything, so just bear
with me!

Wine Glasses: An important part to any table, you can
choose from something like a regular wine glass, goblet,
tapio and every option in between! Nowadays we don't really
follow the conventional rules of wine drinking; we drink
what we want, with whatever food we want, when we want. If
you are one of these free spirited types of people then you
can really pick from any dark wine glass option you please!
You can also choose from different colors and different
materials as well. FYI, machine made products are almost
always going to be the same. So if you buy 12 wine glasses
that are machine made, these will not have any clear
differences. Whereas if you choose something like hand
blown, you are going to probably get different
characteristics. Nothing major, but it can give your table
a little bit more persona!

Beverage Dispensers & Pitchers: These aren't your grandma's
water pitchers I can tell you that. There are some majorly
funky and very fun shapes such as the Carafe, Jug, Ice Lip
and even "Flasks", which really aren't flasks, but they are
the shape of a flask! Again, you can choose from all kinds
of colors and shapes - funky or not! You can also choose
the types, craftsmanship, material it's made out of,
capacity, style, and of course brand and height. For most
tabletop accessories they say to choose different heights
because it will give your table more of a presence as far
as presentation goes. Think of it as a plate of food, you
wouldn't ever see a chef putting white food on a white
plate with white sauce. It has no depth! Choose different
colors and different heights and make your table really
stand out!

Dining Accessories: Some of these items I have never even
seen before, but they seem really cool! For example, I
found an actual glass honey pot! It has the same grooves as
a should-be beehive does and it comes with a metal lid and
an attached "honey scooper". Why not just use the glass jar
the honey is in? Because this ends up bringing a whole
'nother level of customization and elegance!

Flatware: You need flatware to eat! Unless you choose
really crazy themes like Indian or Japanese dinner... When
it comes to flatware or silverware you again have a ton of
options available to you not only sizes and types of
materials, but colors, different patterns.

Remember, these accessories are for your home, your table
and it's supposed to ooze your personality. If you want
classic, go classic. If you want retro go retro. The point
here is that no matter what your taste or style or
personality is, you can truly choose from any options your
heart desires!

Heck, you can even mix and match if you want to. A lot of
people even choose to do this with their home decor, they
might have an eclectic taste so they go with a little bit
of French country, a dash of contemporary with a flair or
two of classic! I think tabletop accessories and the
options that come along with something like this is so
exciting, this is supposed to be fun!

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