Monday 18 May 2009

Careers In Fashion Design

As a little girl did you sew all your Barbie doll clothes? Did
you have mock fashion shows with your friends? If you did you
were of course the fashion show producer. You picked the
clothes your friends wore in the show and gave them runway
tips. Perhaps you were the style-setter in school always in the
latest fashion.

These are just a very few ways that fashion designers start
showcasing their abilities in their youth. They are
inexplicably attracted to fashion and all it's components.
While most of us see a jacket and think "nice jacket", a
fashion designer takes it apart bit by bit, breaking it down to
it's rawest components of color, cut, fabric, design and
ornamentation. They have an intuitive understanding of how it
all pulls together. They consider it "fun" and love to "play"
with clothing.

One of my favorite designers is Carolina Herrera. At a young
age it's said she liked to "play" with clothing. Born into a
wealthy family Carolina was surrounded by things of beauty. Her
sense of style was instilled at a very young age. She obviously
continues to carry the sense of elegance that surrounded her in
her youth into her life and her fashion design.

Her fashion designs are always timeless and classic. Carolina
learned about fashion at an early age from her mother and other
glorious women around her. She was surrounded by couture fashion
growing up and attended her first fashion show at the age of 13.

From her mother Carolina learned that less is more, and this is
what gives her fashion designs an aura of mystery and
sensuality. Carolina Herrera's fashion designs speak in a
whisper and you know exactly what they're saying.

Although most of us don't grow up in a fairy tale world like
Carolina, if you have a real talent and a desire to join in the
fashion world there are many opportunities available. An
education is essential to enter the world of fashion design.

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