Sunday 24 January 2010

Makeup Coverage

What if you could find a makeup that works not only as a
wonderful foundation, but also conceals, gives you a healthy
facial treatment, and provides sun protection? What if that
makeup actually aided in smoothing wrinkles and pores? How
about if it made your skin look dewy and fresh with a light,
silky feel? What if you found a makeup that is pure and
healthy enough to put on a baby?

Well, there is such a makeup. It works like multiple
products all rolled into one. And it's made from pure

Mineral makeup is really quite amazing. It's been around
for three decades, but only recently became affordable for
the masses.

Mineral makeup is not just revolutionary in the way it
covers, but it's actually healthy for your skin.
Dermatologists refer to mineral makeup as "skincare" makeup.

Mineral makeup is formulated from minerals ground into an
ultra fine powder. Different cosmetic companies have
various recipes but most products contain ingredients that
use one or more natural anti-inflammatory agents. And
unlike petroleum-based foundations that clog pores, mineral
makeup doesn't. It's hydrating, soothing, anti-bacterial
and protective. One company claims their mineral makeup is
so good for the skin, you can sleep in it.

Many people find that once they try the minerals no other
makeup will suffice. That's because the better mineral
makeup brands on the market are pure and natural. There
are no fillers or talcs added to the powders. The products
are made without FD&C dyes, chemical preservatives or
synthetic fragrances. The top brands have been allergy and
dermatologist tested. People with even the most sensitive
skin have no problem using mineral makeup and find it to be
an essential part of their skincare regime.

Foundations using loose minerals glide on the skin leaving a
glowing, silky look. The coverage is exceptional and can even
cover redness from rosacea and spots due to pigmentation. It
also can calm sensitive skin.

Some product lines also offer a pressed powder base, which
gives a sheer, semi-matte coverage. Light diffusing
particles make skin appear younger and minimize large pores.
This variation is ideal for oily or acne prone skin and
often can be used either wet or dry.

Many mineral makeup lines have a SPF of 20 or greater which
offers broad based protection. They can be water-resistant
and long wearing. And mineral makeup is available in dozens
of global colors for the perfect skin shade match.

Mineral makeup. It's the absolutely best makeup on the

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