Saturday 20 February 2010

The Colors Of Fashion And How To Use Them To Create Your Own Image

Are you looking for a way to stand out in a crowd? One way
to stand out is with colors. The different colored clothing
says a lot about your mood, personality, and your style.
Ever notice people who wear a lot of red are full of life,
confident and creative? Have you ever seen a person with an
indifferent, or distant personality regularly dress in black?

You may have to wear dark colored clothing for your work
uniform, but do you notice that bright colors tend to make
you feel happier? So if you want to send a light and bright
message to other people, choose bright colored clothing. The
first thing that gets your attention, when you are shopping
for clothing is usually the color.

Your color choices affect what people will think about your
personality. Have you ever noticed that you get more
compliments in one color than in another color? Do people
think your unwell when you wear a certain color? Colors
affect your overall appearance greatly. Why not try some
fashionable colors that are in this season.

White is traditionally the symbol of innocence and purity.
It is a popular summer color. Studies have shown that the
color white stimulates new changes and opening up to brand
new ideas. People who wear white are often described as
looking crisp or fresh. If you have a warm skin tone, an
off-white may be a more appropriate color.

Purple represents spirituality, dignity, and royalty. Purple
is often associated with wealth, and elegance. It can be used
as a balance color. This color promotes peace and
restfulness. Purple can be calming, so wear it when you are
stressed or worried, to help you feel better.

Green can calm and stimulates relaxation. In the media
world, performers and people waiting to appear on TV sit in
a green room, to help calm their nerves. Green symbolizes
nature and fertility. Dark green is a masculine color that
is conservative, while implying wealth. Green is expected to
be a very popular color this season.

Blue is commonly known as the executive color for working
men and women. The color blue seems to enhance your wisdom,
and self-awareness, it is best worn when you are discussing
important issues. Dark blue is a commanding color that
demands respect. Blue is one of the most common colors.

The color red symbolizes success. Wear red to create the
illusion of power. A person who wears red represents a
strong image.

If you are feeling down, yellow will brighten your day. This
is a welcoming color and great for promoting conversation.
Yellow is cheery, optimistic and a great attention getter.
Yellow can be overpowering if overused so don't wear too
much yellow at a time.

Orange creates the illusion of warmth and spontaneity. It
is bold and cheerful. If you ever need some added motivation
or fun, try orange. Orange is lively and creative. Brown is
a solid and reliable color. Brown is a natural, reliable and
genuine color. It is said to create the illusion of
restfulness and tranquility. Brown can be seen as safe and
conservative. To offset the conservative look try adding
colors like orange or turquoise.

Finally, black is a color of power and authority. Black has
always been popular in fashion. But dressing all in black can
sometimes seem overpowering or aloof. If you want to evoke
mystery, try black in your outfit. If you ant to come across
as more approachable, wear different colors with an all black
suit or dress. Every color unconsciously, creates an image in
people's minds. Remember this and the emotions that are
associated with every color when you dress for the day.

About the Author:

Brent is a fan of the fashion industry. From new trends to
fashion accessories, he loves it all. He loves to keep up
with Handbags and Cosmetic Bags the most.

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