Thursday 14 May 2009

Lacoste Bags - Form, Function, Fashion!

The man behind the Lacoste fashion brand, Jean Rene
Lacoste, was actually one of the world's most popular
tennis players.

During his athletic career, he designed a tennis shirt that
had a crocodile logo on the left chest of Lacoste polos,
which became such a big hit. In fact, the crocodile logo is
popularly considered to be the first appearance of a
designer logo on a clothing item.

The brand started the clothing line in 1933, which has
since then expanded from just about everything ranging from
lingerie, bags to accessories and has even entered haute

The products are popular among the elite class, but these
are also being sported by many in the low and middle income
brackets. These are also widely available in many vintage
stores and thrift shops as well. Bags, in particular, match
well with pleated skirts and sweater vests, which can
create a refined and sophisticated look.

The bags mostly have an athletic design and are also
reasonably priced, which go for low hundreds. They are
great for people on the go, as well as for sporting and
casual events. Popular styles of bags include beach bags,
handbags, messengers, shoppers, shoulders bags and totes.
Usually made of nylon, polyester and PVC, they spell
casual versatility and superior craftsmanship. There are
plenty of bag styles that you can choose from. For one, the
classic Boston tote is great to bring with you on your
weekend trip, giving you enough space and protection for
all your essentials. It features a single interior pocket
and a PVC lined exterior that can endure rain and other

On the other hand, the Vertical Shopper is perfect to carry
around when shopping at the mall or on casual days. Look
smart and chic with the very affordable Summer Croc
Messenger bag. This bag is made of cotton and is great for
college students who are strapped for cash and time.

Meanwhile, the polyester Boston pique bag is ideal for
girls who want to look ultra-feminine with its flirty
yellow color and great for casual days. Anyone sporting
this bag will surely get noticed with its striking yellow
color. Lacoste bags are available in many chic department
stores like Barneys, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks.
True enough, you can't go wrong with Lacoste bags. Whatever
your style and personality is, these designer bags can give
you the form, function and fashion that you need.

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