Thursday 14 May 2009

Bridal Dress Inspirations From Around The World

If you want a truly unique bridal dress on your wedding day,
you can look for inspirations from the wedding attire of
different cultures. You can veer away from the traditional
white gown, the trendy strapless bodice, the long veil, and the
seed pearls and embroidery of your peers' wedding gowns. Of
course, you will need a certain unorthodox spirit to carry out
your inspired bridal dress plus a husband who will cater to your
whims. If he is of the culture you borrowed your inspiration
from, then better for you!

The Indian Sari

You have seen a sari worn by Indian beauty queens like
Aishwarya Rai. You cannot deny how these flowing garments
emphasize feminine grace and attributes while leaving plenty to
the imagination. Add in colorful threads and embellishments and
you have one head-turning dress!

For Indian weddings, the traditional colors are red and white
that symbolizes fertility, wealth and purity. Instead of an
all-white bridal dress, you can inject touches of red - a ribbon
or hem embroidery perhaps. If you want to take it one step
further, you can design a sari-inspired wedding gown. You would
have dispensed of stiff petticoats and restraining corsets and
just be comfortable during the wedding ceremony and the

The Irish Blue

The traditional Irish bridal dress is blue, which symbolizes
purity. Lest you think that it should be green since it is the
color of Ireland, it is actually considered bad luck for the
bride to wear green. (Thus, if invited to an Irish wedding,
avoid wearing green, too)

You can wear a blue-hued dress, if you want. Better yet, you
can always use the finest Irish lace in your wedding gown. Not
only do you go haute couture, you also have an exquisite dress
on your wedding day!

The Scottish Tartan

Fortunately for you, The Scottish bridal dress is traditionally
white or cream. However, you can add touches of tartan to your
dress - tartan ribbons on your bouquet, tartan trimmings, tartan
shawl, or a tartan waist sash. This livens up an otherwise
all-white ensemble with tradition particularly when your family
or that of your husband's has Scottish origins.

Or if you do not want a tartan, you can always have Celtic knot
work embroidered on your wedding gown to symbolize eternal love.
At the very least, you have ancient patterns with meanings
instead of the customary flowers and leaves.

The Hispanic Heritage

If you are of Hispanic heritage, the tradition about wearing
something borrowed takes on a different meaning. Your wedding
dress might very well be the wedding dress of your mother and
your grandmother, with a few revisions to suit your bodily
measurements. This reflects your pride of family, a trait
highly valued in Hispanic societies.

The Spanish traditional wedding gown represents a radical
departure from the customary white of Western weddings. The
Spanish bride wears a black gown and a lacy mantilla veil to
symbolize her devotion to her husband until death. If you
choose a Spanish-influenced gown vis-…-vis color, you do not
need to despair. You can sew in ribbons of yellow, blue and red
into your lingerie or infuse touches of these colors into your

Of course, when you do choose a foreign influence as
inspiration for your bridal dress, do not make the mistake of
turning it into a hodgepodge of clashing ideas. You want a
timeless appeal with a traditional touch to your wedding gown!

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