Thursday 14 May 2009

Ladies, Are You On A Tight Budget? Here's How To Shop For Your Whole Summer Wardrobe

Shopping on a budget, especially a tight budget, can be tricky.
However, you ladies out there can fit a whole summer wardrobe
into even the tightest budget if you follow these tips, and the
best part is shopping can still be fun while sticking to your
budget! No guilty feelings when you walk out of the shop doors,
no thinking 'I shouldn't have spent that much!'.

* One way to save is to keep a close on sales. These usually
appear in newspapers. Don't look for just the add in fliers that
are put into the paper, look through the whole newspaper. Some
specialty shops advertise only in the black and white print of
the paper. Here you can find great deals!

* Department stores run weekly sales and not just on out of
season clothing. These usually are the flier ads placed in the
newspaper. Keep up with them. You won't believe the prices on
some apparel just to get people in the door.

* Get on mailing lists for your favorite clothing shops. Most
shops, especially ones that are in the mall, have a regular
customer list that they send sales ads to for every sale they
have. This is a good way to get great deals on the name brands
you want that aren't in department store chains.

* Don't forget about consignment shops. You can get name brand
clothing and accessories here for a song most of the time. Just
go and look through. You may be surprised what you can get for
just $20!Most of these shops also have regular customers that
they send sales advertisements to. Get on the list.

* Keep up with yard sales and flea markets. Flea markets
especially usually have regular vendors for a variety of
different merchandise. Go to the flea market nearest you and
find clothing vendors. If they don't have what you're looking
for right then, leave a contact number for when they do get it.
Yard sales are not only a fun way to shop, you find rock bottom
deals on used clothing that may look like it just came from the
shops at the mall! What $20 can do for you at a yard sale could
take up half of a summer wardrobe!

* Outlet stores are a great place to find designer fashions for
a fraction of what you would pay at the mall. Outlets are
another way to save money on a summer wardrobe.

* Look through the classified ads in the newspapers. You may
surprised at the clothing deals you will find.

* Go on line and shop for deals. You may not have to even walk
out your door to land cheap deals on summer clothing. Get on
lists for notification of sales to be sent vis e-mail for your
favorite on line shopping sites.

* Another tip is buy clothing you can mix and match to make
more outfits than one. This will save on how much you have to
buy. Just put together some matching colors!


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