Sunday 7 February 2010

Why on earth should I use Twitter to market my Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, or Day Spa?

It's this simple. If these companies are using Twitter, why
aren't you?

Tony & Guy, yep their using Twitter to update salons on
what's going on in the world of product and culture within
there company.

Yep, GHD, the revolutionary hair straightening styling iron
company are Twittering.

International giants like L'Oreal, Schwarzkopf, Wella,
Goldwell, KMS, yes, yes and yes... all using Twitter!

Now and extensively vital and popular marketing tool
necessary your salon marketing plan or day spa marketing
plan needs. What is Twitter? For those who have never heard
of it, or have been living under a rock, Twitter is a social
networking and micro blogging platform where you can update
your status about 'what you are doing now' to your

Twitter was essentially a social media designed to keep in
touch with family and friends. It's built around the
question 'what are you doing right now?' Your updates in
answer to this question would help your clients to know you
closely. However, marketers have used this wonderful tool to
expand their reach to folks who are interested in what they
are selling.

The savvy salon and day spa marketers are making their
tweets to give out latest information, advertise their hot
offers, drive traffic to their website, interact with their
clients and build a loyal customer following. For instance,
if you a special day spa promotion going on, you could post
a tweet about it and let your followers know. Ask them to
visit your website or give them your desired call to action
to take advantage of the offer.

Most people shop online for convenience rather than customer
service. Customer service on the internet has improved but
the personal aspect of offline sales is still missing. A
business like a salon or a day spa thrives on personal
relationship. Any salon or spa marketing plan therefore
needs to revolve around building deeper relationships with
customers and satisfying their specific needs. Using
Twitter, salon marketing can achieve this.

The best practices of Twitter marketers can be studied to
learn valuable salon marketing strategies or to obtain day
spa marketing tips. Some of them are:

Listening to your customers: Twitter can be used as a
sounding board to obtain feedback from your clients. Since
you are providing such a personal service, customer problems
can be addressed using Twitter. It is a great tool to be used
as a customer support mechanism.

Build Brand Perception Twitter can also be used as a tool to
build brand perception. Since internet shopping is mostly
impersonal, online businesses usually use blogs and other
social networking sites to get in touch with their
customers. But Twitter makes it even easier to have direct
conversations with your clients and also show your

Advertising a Sale or Special Offers Twitter can be used for
providing information about a special offer or sale that you
are having. However it is not wise to use it exclusively for
that purpose. Ninety percent of your tweets should be about
something that is helpful or useful to the client like hair
styling tips and body care tips or solving their problems,
etc Ten percent of your tweets can be related to sale offers
and advertising.

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