Friday 29 January 2010

How Should I Care For My European Hair Wigs?

If you own a human hair wig, you probably how hard it is to
take care of. Synthetic wigs are easier to work with, but
let's face it, they look... well... synthetic. When talking
about natural hair wigs, just like real hair, you have to
take care of it in a very special way. There are a few
simple guidelines you should follow to keep your human hair
wig looking and feeling the best. These are pretty simple
guidelines and shouldn't be too hard for a person to keep up

Combing: Human hair wigs can oftentimes get tangled just
like natural hair. In order to fix something like this you
can actually use a conditioner or detangling product. As
with regular hair, it's important that you do not tug at the
hair or you will pull the hair out. Start from the tips of
the ends and work your way up slowly. To make it even easier
on yourself you can work in one area at a time rather then
trying to go through the entire head of hair at once.

Shampoo: Yes, you will have to shampoo your wig! Usually
this should be done at least one time a week. While you CAN
use regular shampoo and conditioner, it is always suggested
that you use shampoo and conditioner made for human hair
wigs, you can find these, or should be able to find these in
the store where you bought your wig.

Storage: Be sure that you store your wigs on a Styrofoam
head or another device when you aren't wearing them. This is
to keep the hair from getting tangled, but to also keep the
shape of the "cap". This is also a good place to put the
hair after you wash it to let it dry so it will form to the

Styling: These wigs CAN be styled like regular hair. You can
use blow dryers, hairspray, and other wig accessories. You
can also change up the wig style by looking at ponytail wigs
as well. These are very fashionable and look very real! By
the way you can also use curling irons, but you have to
realize that as with regular human hair on a head, curling
and other heat products will damage the product over time.
Remember, you can also choose from different lengths,
styles, and colors as well. Heck, you could interchange a
new one every few weeks or every few days if you really
wanted to!

Most of these suggestions and guidelines should be pretty
easy for you to follow. We aren't reinventing the wheel!
Simply use the same rules you would when it comes to your
own natural hair. And treat it with the same love and care
that you would your own natural hair.

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