Wednesday 24 February 2010

A Work of Art

Lingerie - A Work of Art
Imagine a blank canvas and you are a painter. You wish to
express your innermost thoughts and feelings on this canvas
in the form of a visual work of art. You ask yourself "What
is my mood? How do I feel? What is it that I wish to say?
How do I wish to say it?" You choose your colors, shapes,
and textures very carefully to set the overall feeling of
the painting based on your mood. You want to paint a picture
that says sensuous, warm, soft, and sexy. With what colors do
you fill your pallet? What shapes do you use? The strokes of
your brush create what textures? Maybe you find candy apple
red to be a sexy color. Possibly rounded, full shapes are
sensuous to you and smooth brush strokes create the softness
that you want your painting to portray. Or what if you want
your painting to say hot, fierce, and sassy? What then would
you choose to include in your lingerie wardrobe to create
this vision?

Now, imagine that you are the blank canvas. How do you
express yourself with this type of visual art so as to
capture the attention of your audience and get your message
across? You do it in exactly the same way. What is
lingerie? As early as the late 19th Century, lingerie has
been a thing of beauty, a tantalizing, visually stimulating
beacon of sexuality. It is a source of erotic showmanship,
an informal invitation of sorts. It is a form of expression.
It is a work of artistic creativity. It is a visual art.
Lingerie is the paint for our canvass. We put together the
combination of colors, shapes, and textures to answer the
same questions of the painter. "What is my mood? How do I
feel? What is it that I wish to say? How do I wish to say

A lot of lingerie choices are available to us to paint our
canvass in any way that we desire. We create beautiful
shapes with a variety of sexy lingerie to fit any body style
and create rounded curves or sharp, sassy edges. Hot sassy
reds to earthy naturals to snowy whites create virtually
endless color choices to enhance the beauty of our canvass
and set any mood that we long for from subtle to fierce.

You are the canvas and the choice is yours. Express yourself
with all of the style and magnificence that is within you.
You are a painter and you have all of the tools at your
disposal. You have the creativity to bring forth an amazing
work of art. Paint the portrait of you by picking beautiful
lingerie that expresses the picture of the sexy siren you
harbor on the inside!

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