Tuesday 20 April 2010

Give Yourself a Healthy Glow to Your Skin

The days are finally getting longer, warmer, and sunnier!
Many of you are counting down the days to short sleeves,
bare legs, and a summer of sunshine. So it's time to get
your skin ready for all the wonderful things summer has to

For many of you winter leaves you with dry skin, and it's
time to brush away the dead cells and start anew with fresh,
radiant skin. Start with a full body exfoliation, and pay
special attention to wherever your extra-dry areas are. For
many women it can be their elbows, knees, and/or shins. You
can find all sorts of exfoliating scrubs at your local
pharmacy, beauty supply store, and even online. There are
special formulas for sensitive skin, and gentler scrubs for
your face and neck. You shouldn't use the same kind of scrub
on your body as you do on your face -- the skin on your face
is much more delicate. After you exfoliate help your skin
stay hydrated by using a moisturizer every day.

Be sure you are drinking enough water every day; you should
try to drink at least six eight-ounce glasses of water every
day. Yes, that is a lot of water, but your body is mostly
water, isn't it? Your body needs a lot of fluids to keep
functioning properly. Without water your skin can tend to
become very dry and flaky. So drink up! Caffeinated sodas
and coffees don't have quite the same effects as a tall
class of water does. Plus, water is more refreshing than the
other stuff.

Some folks like to hit a tanning bed or use a self-tanner to
get a sort of pre-tan, so they're not going out into the
sunshine at their palest, and to give their skin that great
summer glow. If you decide on the salon route, make sure you
ask about photosensitizing drugs and other health warnings.
Even something that seems as harmless as ibuprofen (the main
ingredient you find in Advil or Motrin) can make your skin
more likely to burn. Be sure to wear some sort of sunscreen
while tanning in a salon. Tanning beds can be very damaging
to unprotected skin. Keeping your skin moisturized with a
lotion that has an SPF in it not only helps you prevent
certain skin diseases, but it will keep your skin from
premature aging.

Once you have that perfect glowing skin ready for summer get
out there and show it off. It doesn't take much, just be sure
you have a skin care routine, drink plenty of water, and do
not forget the sunscreen.

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