Sunday 2 May 2010

4 Basic Lighting Tips for Your Bedroom

To ensure appropriateness and relevance to your home, it is
essential to follow certain tips when lighting your bedroom
such as: take into account the special needs, match with
existing interior, determine its purpose, and consider its

Since several lighting fixtures are obtainable in the
market, choosing the most appropriate is certainly
advisable. It is not proper to just decide according to your
preference. There are some basic guidelines to follow when
lighting your bedroom, which includes the following:

Take into account the occupants

It is important to identify the user of the room. In case
there is a special need for an elderly or for people with
eye problems, an appropriate type of lighting must be
considered to address their specific needs. It must never be
too glaring to cause discomfort, but must not be too dim to
prevent reading. A built-in regulator must be available to
facilitate adjustment of luminosity. This is especially
applicable if you have a sleeping companion and when a call
of nature arises at night. You do not have to switch on the
light and cause any distraction. A simple adjustment of glow
is required to lighten the passageway and avoid slippage.

Match with existing interior

When choosing lighting gadgets for your bedroom, make sure
that the interior design complements well with the lighting
accessories. If you go for contemporary style, installation
of lights must be carried out in accordance to the preferred
trend. Although, a mixture of traditional and contemporary
beautification is acceptable; however, harmony must still be
properly observed in terms of style and design. Your taste
should not be used in measuring its suitability; instead
consider it only as a supplementary tool in determining what
light paraphernalia will be the best.

Determine its purpose

Lighting comes in various styles depending on its purpose.
There are those intended to accentuate your home, while most
are made to serve its basic function, which is to provide
enough lighting. At present, several shapes of sconces and
chandeliers are available to coordinate with your home
set-up. If you want to create a dramatic effect on a
particular area, you need to choose something that allows
ease in focusing. If it is mainly for illumination; bright
but energy-saving lights are recommended. However, if you
intend to use it for other purpose such as reading and doing
paper works, better pick the one with controllable intensity
for utmost comfort.

Consider the space

A room that is spacious enough to accommodate enormous
number of occupants requires a well-diffused lighting. All
four corners of the room must have an equally distributed
brightness. Although, intensity must be controllable,
sufficient light must be present all throughout the room to
ensure convenience of the dwellers.

Although, a variety of styles are widely circulating, it is
crucial to weigh the pros and cons of each style to arrive
at the most suitable choice.

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