Tuesday 25 May 2010

Do Women and Wrinkles Go Together

The information has come from a reliable source, Emma C.
Paes, M.D. A researcher at the Department of Plastic,
Reconstructive and Hand Surgery, University Medical Center,
Utrecht, Netherlands, she is the major force behind this
study. The results have been published in the Aesthetic
Surgery Journal.

- The region around the mouth reveals certain differences
where both sexes are concerned.

- The difference relates to the oil glands or sebaceous
glands and sweat glands in the area.

- Females have a lower number of sebaceous glands around the
mouth, as compared to males. These glands give out oily/waxy
sebum, which is responsible for keeping the skin and the
roots of the hair well lubricated.

- With the sweat glands around the mouth also less in number
where women are concerned, the dermis fills up more.

- Males have more blood vessels around the mouth than
females; hence, they have more vascularity.

- There are muscular fibers attached around the mouth and to
the dermis. These produce more traction towards the inner
side for women. It is less for men.

As a result of all these irregularities, women tend to have
deeper wrinkles around the mouth region as compared to men.
These wrinkles are termed peri-oral wrinkles.

Now, there are plenty of creams and lotions available that
help to fight age. But this recent research may lead to more
effective treatments being made available to women. For now,
the best treatment is supposed to Botox or Botulism
injections and injectible wrinkle fillers. They have proved
only moderately successful, however. Even Dermabrasion
(invastive plastic surgery) or facelifts have not proved
greatly successful either. So, manufacturers and researchers
are hunting for better solutions. This time round, they are
armed with advanced knowledge, thanks to the research study.

While your benefactors are working out solutions, you might
like to try out some simple strategies to delay the aging

1. Most of you feel that washing the face with soap several
times a day is a great remedy, especially if your face is
oily. Actually, this is a myth; over-washing can do more
harm than good as it removes essential oils. Again, a harsh
soap or cleanser will harm your delicate facial skin.

2. Should the skin go dry, the skin barrier will be
affected. Your dry skin will now be prone to peeling,
cracking, itching, burning or stinging, especially when you
go out in the sun.

3. Therefore, go in for the gentlest cleanser you can find.
Do not over use it, but use it only twice a day.

4. In case the cleanser contains an anti-aging serum or
cream along with a high dose of Amino acids, vitamins and
minerals—it would be great. Even a cleanser with
Acai-based anti-oxidant is good. Then you may rest assured
that fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and dehydration will all
be kept at bay. So, battle the free radicals within your
system with efficient anti-aging products, and your skin
will be safe!

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