Thursday 20 May 2010

The History of Cacharel

The founder of the house of Cacharel, Jean Louis Henri
Bousquet, was a tailor and the son of a sewing machine
seller. The world of fashion seemed a given in that regard.
From an early age, Bousquet was surrounded by the trappings
of fashion. After college he pursued his designing dream in
a small apartment in Paris. The triumph of his first
collection inspired him to start his own fashion house.
Always swimming against the current, Bousquet's fashion
house was not named for him. The house of Cacharel was named
after a tiny fowl from the Camargue region of France. Thus
the Cacharel legend was born. A legend which would spawn
gorgeous, girly clothes and the eventually famous Cacharel

Cacharel exploded onto the fashion scene in 1962. Bousquet's
first collection was full of figure flattering and figure
freeing, colorful blouses. His silhouettes were less harsh
than the corseted, heavily structured silhouettes of the
1950s. The ready-to-wear line contained stylish, well-made
pieces that were romantic, elegant and sheer. The initial
collection (and continuing ones) embodied all that was
flirty and girly. Assembled with impeccable detail, the
construction displayed Bousquet's tailoring skill. He was
known to select fabrics in vibrant colors to highlight a
client's complexion and style. Audiences were constantly
surprised by his collections. In 1963, a seersucker blouse
caused a commotion when it was featured on the cover of the
fashion bible, ELLE magazine.

The inception of Cacharel parfums happened in 1975 and three
years later in 1978, Anais Anais was introduced. Worth its
three years in the making, the parfum was the culmination of
Bousquet's partnering with L'Oreal to bring about the
designer's wish. The fragrance in the opaline, opaque glass
bottle was the perfect match for his romantic, ethereal
creations. Its signature notes include amber sandalwood,
rose, gardenia and white lily. Since this first scent,
Cacharel parfums has debuted a new member to the line every
few years. Anais Anais, LouLou, Eden, Noa, Amour Amour,
Liberte and the newest one, Scarlett. Campaigns for Cacharel
parfums draws models and actresses to endorse the line. Kate
Moss, Claudia Schiffer, Gisele Bundchen, Jennifer Aniston
are a few of the names who have strutted their stuff for the

Cacharel parfums sport high prices but the money is well
spent due to the superiority of the ingredients and the
solid consistency of their quality. The combination of the
Cacharel collections and the Cacharel parfums guarantee
longevity in the fashion industry.

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