Friday 21 May 2010

How to Cleanse your Makeup at the End of the Day

The prettiest makeup finish starts with the cleanest skin.
The first step to clean, clear skin is thoroughly removing
makeup with the right products.

There's certainly no shortage of products to choose from.
It's best to pick the one that's made for your skin type.
Here are some popular options.

The two simple rules for choosing a makeup removal product
are: don't use something that's too harsh on your skin and
avoid cleansers that leave a greasy residue. Beyond that,
the right one for you depends on how you expect the product
to perform.

If you have dry, flaky skin, use an exfoliating or a
moisturizing cleanser. If you have oily or acne-prone skin,
a product with salicylic acid may be the one for you.

Simply the Best makeup remover claims to take off even the
most stubborn makeup, like semi-permanent eyeliner and
waterproof mascara, without all the scrubbing and rubbing
that can irritate sensitive skin.

Ponds offers Clean Sweep Cleansing & Makeup-Removing
Towelettes. This cleanser comes in the form of a moist wipe
that contains natural ingredients like green tea ginseng,
cucumber extract, aloe, cornflower and chamomile in addition
to cleansers.

This product requires no rinsing, just wipe your face with
the cloth and throw it in the trash when you're finished.

Generally, any cleanser with do double duty as a face-makeup
remover. However, the eyes are usually a different story for
a couple of reasons: The skin around the eye is especially
sensitive and some cleansers may irritate the eyeball

Not many products are marketed solely as face-makeup
removers, but many say they are exclusively for taking off
eye makeup.

Kiehl's Supremely Gentle Eye Makeup Remover is said to clean
fast and rinse completely. Nivea's Visage Eye Makeup Remover
works well and is inexpensive.

It sounds oversimplified, but it's not a bad idea to gauge a
product by the effort it takes to work. Your lashes have a
higher purpose than just making your eyes look pretty.

Excessive scrubbing can inflame the eye and break or pull
out lashes you need to protect your eyes from debris.

If you can't seem to find just what you're looking for in a
store-brought product, have no fear, for home remedies
abound. A baking soda paste will take off stubborn
substances, like stage makeup and dark lipstick.

No-tear formula baby shampoo cleans without irritation or
residue. Applying a small amount of olive oil with a soft
cloth will remove makeup and leave lashes shiny and

The same result can be achieved with baby oil, but it's more
likely to leave behind a film, as is Vaseline. If you prefer
an oilier product, you can follow it up with an astringent,
just be very careful not to get any in your eye.

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