Thursday 24 June 2010

Historical Corset Shapes

Corsets come in all different shapes and styles. Having
transitioned over the course of time, the shape of corsets
has continued to develop. Now we have all of those different
styles to choose from when purchasing a corset. Nowadays, no
matter what our build or shape we can find the perfect
corset. Women throughout history were not so lucky. They
were not always given the luxury of choosing which corset
best fit their bodies and were most often forced to wear the
one particular design was employed during a certain time

The two main styles of corsets are overbust and underbust.
Naturally the overbust corset extends over the bust while
the underbust corset stops above the rib cage. Some
sub-types of corsets which are overbust in category are the
Parisien Lady's Corset. This corset flowed from the 1850's
with a tightly cinched waist and flowing, wide bust and
waist. The same style was employed for teenage women during
the time frame.

During the 1860's the Parisien Lady's Corset made the
transition to draw even more attention to the bust. This
produced the Casati Corset. This one had a few more panels
and gussets for those with a more distinct waist. Not soon
after came the Paressense corset which was created for those
of a larger build. This corset lacked the lace backing of
normal corsets. Instead it had two belts that come around
the waist and two side panels which were elasticized. Next
was the Victorian corset with a wider waist but the same
general pattern

In the mid 1860's the Ceinture Greque design was developed
as an underbust corset which drew tightly around the middle
of the body for the best waist-cinching style. The focus of
this corset was for those shorter women with a smaller bust
who needed more comfort and support. However, for those with
larger busts who sought support without creating a ledge atop
their faces, the longer corset was designed. Mirroring the
overbust selections, the underbust longer corset was
designed as a slimmer fit for women with broader backs and
narrow waists.

Doing exactly what its name claimed, the Waist cincher was
developed near the end of the 1860's to cinch the waist for
those shorter personnel. Short women were then blessed with
the latest endeavor: the short under bust corset. This
provided the same full, voluptuous look that all women were
going for, but for those with big busts and a short waist.

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