Friday 25 June 2010

Learn How To Apply Eye Makeup Products

Learning how to properly use eye makeup products is a skill
that will benefit you for years to come.

Getting a certain look can be tricky, but having the basic
know-how of what goes where when it comes to eye makeup will
enhance your abilities to try more complex looks.

All you need to get started is an eye makeup palette that
features at least three colors, an eye liner, and mascara.
Also, keep a little eye makeup remover on hand to fix any
goofs along the way.

Now, relax and have fun learning how to apply eye makeup

You'll want to start by applying the eye shadow. Find the
lightest color on your eye makeup palette and put some of
the powder on a clean makeup product brush. Tap out any

Now take the brush and sweep it over you whole eyelid, from
just below your eyebrow to the top of your lashes.

Once that's done, put the second lightest color on your
brush and sweep it over the part of your lid between the
brow bone and lash line.

Finally, take the darkest color and trace it along your brow
bone, from the inside corner to the outside, making the outer
part just a bit thicker than the inner. Repeat on the other

Now that you've got your eye shadow on, it's time to add
eyeliner. Eyeliner is one of the best makeup products for
making your eyes stand out.

You'll want to begin with a well-sharpened eye pencil. Hold
the pencil like you would an ink pen, only aim it upwards
instead of down.

Use your opposite hand to gently hold your eyelid in place
as your trace the pencil along your lash line from the
inside corner to the outside. You can make this line as
thick or thin as you wish.

Once you've finished, blur the line slightly with your
fingertip or a small makeup brush.

Finally, you're ready for mascara! Another makeup product
meant to make your eyes stand out, mascara is what really
makes eyes pop.

Gently twist open the mascara and pull the wand out of the
tube. Remove any excess or clumps by wiping it on a tissue.

Then, starting with your top lashes, slowly brush the
mascara wand upwards from the lash line to the tips of your
lashes. You can gently shake the wand a bit as you move up
and out to coat each lash.

Repeat on your bottom lashes and you're all set!

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