Thursday 10 June 2010

Only Smooth Skin Should Show This Summer

With summer quickly approaching, we all want to look our
best. Whether you plan on spending your days at the beach,
lounging by the pool, or enjoying recreational sports,
hairless skin is the only thing you want showing this

Of course, there are many methods of hair removal.
Everything from creams, to wax to razors and scary epilators
are readily available. However, your best bet for permanent
removal will not be found in any of those methods. The best
source for this lies in the laser hair removal method.

When most people hear the words laser hair removal, their
minds immediately turn to electrolysis. However, this method
is very different. First of all, it does not involve the pain
that is often associated with electrolysis. Laser hair
removal is more economical than its counterparts. Sessions
start at just $59 and are completed in as little as 10
minutes. For these reasons alone, laser hair removal is
quickly becoming the hair removal method of choice for men,
women and teens all across the country.

You may be asking, "Where do I start?". If you are
interested in permanent hair removal, the first place to
start is with a free consultation. During your consultation,
a Nurse Practitioner will meet with you in a one-on-one
setting. She will discuss your current health and lifestyle
to see if laser hair removal is a good choice for you. You
will be given the opportunity to view before and after
photos of other clients. You will also be fully informed of
all the costs involved with your laser hair removal

During your consultation, all of your questions and concerns
will be addressed. You will then be able to choose which
areas of your body you wish to work on. With summer on the
horizon, areas such as the bikini area are important to many
women. When using the laser method, on this area, it is more
comfortable and results in less irritation than when using
other methods. Laser hair removal is also very effective on
legs and underarm areas. For men, many are interested in
removing hair from the back and chest for the summer.

After you have had your consultation and have decided which
areas to work on, you are ready to schedule your first laser
hair removal appointment. There are a few things you will
need to do in order to prepare for your first appointment.
First, be sure to refrain from any waxing, plucking or
electrolysis for approximately three to six weeks prior to
your appointment. Next, you will need to be clean shaven for
your appointment. It is also important to insure that the
area in question is free of makeup, lotions, and tanning
products. This will help ensure a successful treatment

During the actual laser hair removal process, a beam of
light will be emitted, and the light will destroy your hair
follicle. While the hair follicle is destroyed, your skin
and pores remain unharmed. Some people compare the slight
discomfort to a rubber band snapping on the skin. When the
permanent hair removal process is complete, you will be
treated to a cooling compress which will help alleviate any
slight irritation that may appear.

If you've never looked into permanent hair removal, this is
the perfect time to consider it. Why not call today and
schedule your free consultation? You'll be on your way to a
hair free you in no time.

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