Wednesday 7 July 2010

Elle Macpherson denies ever using medicine made from endangered species

Following a Twitter interview in which she described the taste of endangered rhino horn, former supermodel Elle Macpherson denies ever having taken the banned product.


Supermodel-turned-entrepreneur Elle Macpherson responded to outrage over her comments in an interview, where she said she had tried medicine made from endangered rhinoceros horn.

During an interview via Twitter she was asked what powdered rhino horn - a banned product - tasted like, responding:
"A little bit like crushed bone and fungus in a capsule. Does the job though."
The interview since sparked outrage among wildlife protection groups and animal activists and has been widely reported in online media.

Speaking exclusively to Reuters Television on Thursday (July 7) Macpherson said she has never tried rhino horn, claiming she had replied flippantly to what she didn't believe to be a serious question.

"I recently did an interview with a journalist on Twitter and he mentioned my interest in Chinese medicine and he asked me what rhino horn tasted like and I flippantly answered implying that I tried. In fact I have never tried rhino horn. The whole concept is unacceptable to me," she explained, adding: "Twitter by nature is flippant and this is an example of how that flippancy can be detrimental."
The Australian model and sometimes actress said she had to choose her words carefully.

"What I recognise is that I do have a responsibility, as far as the public are concerned, to be sure that the messages I share are clear and are true," she said.

She went on to say that she welcomed the opportunity to set the record straight, adding she hoped that if there was one good thing to come out of the incident, it was that it brought the issue of endangered species more publicity.

"It's a perfect opportunity for me to right the situation and also to really draw attention to something that's important to me. You know I don't choose to see it as a negative but really look at it in a positive light and say, okay, this is an opportunity to really stand up for what I really believe and draw attention to people who are doing great work like the WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)," she said
Macpherson had recently been involved in a campaign to protect bluefin tuna, reportedly boycotting one of her favourite restaurants because it served the endangered fish.

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