Wednesday 7 July 2010

Need More Space? Try These Techniques

Sometimes, the simplest solutions really are the best ones.
This is definitely the case when it comes to making the most
of the space that you have. By learning a few basic tricks,
you can dramatically enhance your living space. Learn more
about these techniques and strategies below.

Think Seasonally - Why keep piles of hats, scarves and
gloves handy when it's the middle of the summer? Doing that
lessens the amount of usable space that you have, for no
practical reason. With the changing of each season, pack
away unnecessary items and make room for the ones that
you'll actually need.

Live Simply - How often have you thought about getting rid
of something, then ended up keeping it because you thought
you might need it "someday?" The inability to let go of
things that you'll realistically never use can make your
home more cramped than it already is. Go through all of your
belongings and be as practical as possible; give away, donate
or sell the things that you won't be using on a regular
basis. You'll be amazed by how much space is freed up.

Go Vertical - While the floor space of many apartments is
quite small, the ceilings are often relatively high. With
all of that wall space available, it makes sense to do
something with it. Install cabinets, cupboards and shelves
as high up as you can - then use them to keep your things
organized. Suddenly, your apartment won't feel nearly as

Keep What You Need on Hand - Don't waste valuable space for
things that you rarely use. Make sure that all of the things
that are within reach are those that you actually use on a
regular basis. Store away the other stuff.

Organize Those Closets - Closets shouldn't be places to
shove unwanted things; they should be highly organized areas
to keep less-frequently used belongings. Invest in closet
organizers to make the most out of your closet space, and
your life will be much simpler.

Invest in a Wall Bed - Wall beds have become extremely
popular in recent years, as people have discovered their
amazing space-saving properties. During the day, Murphy wall
beds can be folded away to reveal a lot of additional floor
space; many times, they double as desks, shelves and
cabinets, too. By night, they fold back down and can be
slept on. There are few more brilliant ways to make the most
out of your living space than a wall bed, so put it at the
top of your list.

About the Author:

Murphy wall beds from More Space Place are a great next step,
after getting all of your belongings organized and pared
down. Consider wall beds that double as desks and shelving
units, in order to get even more storage space out of the
deal. You'll be amazed at what a difference these incredibly
useful items can make.

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