Thursday 29 July 2010

How to Make Perfume the Simple Way

If you're tired of paying high prices for your favorite
perfume, you can join the millions of others that are
attempting to make their own perfume. Making your own
perfume can be as easy or complex as you choose just as you
can have any scent you choose.

Essential oils are the most common sources to use for your
perfume making. There are many essential oils available,
considering they're concentrated oils that have been
distilled from plants. Some people that don't want to buy
essential oils due to their cost, use food flavorings like
orange, almond, vanilla, etc.

However, essential oils may seem costly for what you get but
they go a long way. In fact, most perfumes only require a
couple of drops of essential oil. If you decide to go with
essential oils, you'll be amazed at the many different
fragrances you'll find. These can be purchased online or in
any health food or craft stores.

If you're really interested in cutting corners and being
creative, you can also make perfume with lemon or orange
peels that have been dried. Another choice is using dried
flowers such as dry rose petals or lavender. My point here
is that your choices are almost unlimited as to what you can
use for your fragrances. Once you've decided what fragrance
or scent you want, you're all ready to begin the process.

If you're making perfume for the first time, you may want to
start off with just one scent. After you get the hang of it,
you'll want to experiment with several scents but for now,
just one will make it easier! You'll want to mix a few drops
of essential oil in a small jar with a tight fitting lid.

Keep in mind the more oil you use, the stronger the scent is
going to be. Add four tablespoons of both vodka and distilled
water. Mix well, cover tightly and let sit for at least a
week. You may want to test sample your perfume occasionally
by putting a cotton swab in the mixture and rubbing it on
your skin. If it smells the right strength, you're done.

If you'd like a stronger scent, you can add a drop or two
more of essential oil and let it sit for a few more days in
a cool dark place. When it's ready to use, strain it through
a coffee filter into a dark perfume bottle. The scent will
stay longer if you store your perfume in a cool dark room.
Keep in mind that if you use orange peels, it will take
longer for the scent to become strong than if you use
essential oils.

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