Wednesday 7 July 2010

Malkovich swaps acting for fashion

US actor John Malkovich introduces his own line of men's wear ahead of Berlin Fashion Week.

If you go to a fashion show you may not expect to see this man - or at least not in the designer area.

At this year's Berlin Fashion Week US actor John Malkovich made his debut in the fashion world.
The actor-turned designer was there to present his very own men's clothes line called 'Technobohemian'.
He says the move from movies to clothes was not a big one:

John Malkovich, actor and designer, saying :
"Fashion is just a form of self expression, I do that all the time. I mean people might consider it a big jump if Tom Ford does a movie, I wouldn't see that as a big jump, why? It is someone used to expressing himself and expressing himself well and confidently: When Julian Schnabel directs films, other people may find it odd, I don't. He has directed wonderful films, doesn't surprise me a bit."
Malkovich confessed to being quite the fashionista:

John Malkovich, actor and designer, saying :
"I have always been a collector of fabrics. I am quite particular about what I like and don't like. If people want black shiny wool suits, there are plenty of them around, that's not what I do."
Berlin Fashion Week continues all week.

Mirja Mey, Reuters

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