Sunday 17 October 2010

How To Dress Trendy: Designer Fashion Accessories and More

Looking good ain't easy. Everyone wants to stay up on the
latest trends. Well, after you read this article you'll have
a better sense of how to do so, without breaking your piggy

1. Designer fashion accessories: Accessories are some of the
most underrated pieces of an outfit. But that's not to say
that they go unnoticed. Ever seen an outfit with a super
cute belt or an awesome pair of sunglasses? Chances are you
probably wouldn't have noticed that style without those
designer fashion accessories. That said, when you invest in
a few nice items, like designer shoes for women, or some
beautiful Ed Hardy bags, you can wear them a couple of times
a week and get away with it. If you invest your money wisely
in designer fashion accessories, you can dress up an
ordinary outfit into something extraordinary.

2. Spend wisely: If your money is tight, you don't have to
buy six $600 dresses to look good. You can buy one and if
you love it wear it often- that's the European way. This
brings me to my next point, which is...

3. Thrifting: If you live anywhere near a thrift store, this
should be your home away from home. Not only do these stores
have great items that have been gently used at low prices,
but you can often find some classic pieces that never go out
of fashion. Certain articles of clothing are trendy and fall
out of favor in the fashion venues after only one season.
Others stand the test of time - and a thrift store (or your
mom's closet) is where to find them. Plus, a lot of thrift
stores only take what they think will sell during a certain
season, and that means you can probably find the same trendy
designer fashion accessories you want with a little luck and
a bit of perseverance.

4. Be You: Don't follow everyone else's style advice all the
time. Sometimes you look best in what you like. When you wear
designer fashion accessories that standout and sometimes
deviate from the trend, you can wind up being the new
trendsetter. It's all about the confidence you have while
you're wearing it. Wear what your mood tells you to and you
will feel all the better for it.

5. Shop online: Maybe you can't find what you want in your
town or city. If you have an idea of the style and your
size, you can probably find it online. And a lot of online
stores that sell designer shoes for women often discount
them heavily. Online shopping is a great place to find deals
and items that aren't always available.

There you have it shoppers! All it takes is a good idea of
what you want, some time to look around and shop, and the
confidence to pull it off like you own it.

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