Monday 4 October 2010

Retro Clothing 'Classic and Chic!

It may seem like you have staged back in time, but your
fashion sagacity could make you the natter of the town. Each
decade has its rage stamp, and the trends by and large come
back into fashion after a period of time. The opulent and
classy retro clothing trend is currently having its fling at
an extensive reappearance.

The word about retro clothing being in was officially out at
the couture week in Paris, London, Milan and Berlin, where
amongst high fashion and dramatic craftsmanship the most
sought after designers like Dior, Chanel, Valentino and
Galliano, unveiled their retro clothes collections.  The
revival of the Retro look was displayed in the burst of
colors set against a kaleidoscope of textures and
silhouettes and merging drama.

Therefore, it is time to accentuate your curves with the
reinstated vintage collection. Make sure that your wardrobe
has structured dresses, jackets, skirts and scarves, to make
you stand out of the crowd with a dash of sex appeal. Layered
dresses, patterns with stripes and polka dots are other must
haves in the fad of retro clothing.

At times, it seems like fashions of former times were so
much more stylish, sensual and classier. So, maybe you would
like to begin structuring your clothes and wardrobe to
include some bona fide vintage clothing pieces to your

From retro clothes to accessories and even hair style,
everything seems to be reappearing as a new rage. The best
thing concerning retro clothing is that one can mix and
match clothes the way one like.

Whether, it was Sarah Jessica Parker sporting a Retro look
in Sex and the City, or Amanda Seyfried walking down the red
carpet dazzling in her vintage appearance, retro clothing is
sure turning a lot of heads.

Retro clothes give an opportunity to test your looks and
conjure up something that is creative, unique and classy.
Completing that edgy appearance by sporting a retro jacket,
vintage shirt and pair of jeans could certainly bring out a
new fangled you.

Not only is this new fad eye catching, but it is comfortable
as well. Retro clothing in fact tells a lot about the
personality of a person. It portrays the boldness,
individuality and persona of an individual

In the words of Coco Chanel, "in order to be irreplaceable
one must always be different." And, that is what retro
clothing is all about.

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